10 Brand-new Video games for Android & iOS 2023

10 Brand-new Video games for Android & ios 2023

1) Eminence in shadow

Eminence in Shadow is an idle RPG inspired by the Light Noble manga and later the anime series of the same name. In this game, a young man in modern Japan is determined to become a genie that controls the power of shadows. However, in true Isekai fashion, he dies and appears in a fantasy world. There he calls himself Cid and continues with his plan.

10 Brand-new Video games for Android & iOS 2023 1
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2) Sword Dynasty Immortal

Blade Dynasty Immortal is an MMORPG in the world of action role-playing games. Several exclusive features and interesting heroes are included in the game, which will make players more enthusiastic. The game follows a narrative just like other typical RPG games. Sword Dynasty Immortal is an RPG that focuses mostly on the storyline and has one of the finest sets of main characters. The game has six main characters for players to choose from with different abilities and unique skill sets (Brand-new Video games).

10 Brand-new Video games for Android & iOS 2023 2
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3) Blade of god 2

Blade of God 2 is one of the most anticipated games of 2022. The dev team has been aggressively pushing to launch the game and now it has arrived. Blade of God 2 Originals is a hardcore 3D action game and it’s a sequel to the Glade of God series. The game is a Nordic adventure journey where the user takes on the role of a hero who suffers from pain and sorrow. She embarks on a journey across Nordic kingdoms to find their sacrificers who have lost their destinies. And embarked on a self-salvation journey. It’s an excellent 3D action game that lets you enjoy the whole Souls experience on your mobile phone. The game also has spectacular graphics with a dark artistic design that is very reminiscent of the Dark Souls Saga.

10 Brand-new Video games for Android & iOS 2023 3
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4) CRSED: Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale is a battle royale third-person shooter game that features a wide range of distinctive characters with various skills that will affect how each game is played. Cuisine Royale, like other Battle Royale games, involves surviving the last players who are fighting for the same spot using realistic weapons, traps, and dark rituals. At least not yet since it’s still a new game. However, Cuisine Royale is considered one of the most popular Battle Royale games available for mobile devices. This is because it gives players an authentic war experience in 2022 (Brand-new Video games).

10 Brand-new Video games for Android & iOS 2023 4
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5) For Glory

It’s a game for true-action RPG enthusiasts who are bored of randomly pressing buttons on the screen. For Glory is an action RPG that has a fantastic fighting system and the ideal balance of active components and spectacular boss fights. To make your journey extremely immersive the storyline begins in a fantasy world where demonic evil is on the rise and poses threats to this planet. To defeat these beings, heroes must identify their weak points and eliminate them. Nevertheless, you must pass through various worldly barriers and obstacles to do this. You can ascend your hero by improving their talents and leveling them up. In addition, arm them with strong weapons and artifacts to boost your prestige and get your hero ready for various battles (Brand-new Video games).

10 Brand-new Video games for Android & iOS 2023 5
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6) Ragnarok Arena

Ragnarok Arena is an Android adaptation of Ragnarok. All the creatures that appear on the battlefield are modeled in 3D with elaborate and eye-catching animations. This game is quite different from your traditional Ragdar Global games that have come out previously, however, as usual with RPGs for mobile devices. In the game, you are presented with a menu that offers a variety of options. By tapping various buttons, you can either go to the battlefield or move your character. You can also improve the skills of your team and interact with other players. 

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7) Ricochet Squad

This game is a brand-new title from developer Keystorm Holdings. This game is a multiplayer third-person shooting game with several game modes. Control is one of them, and it is effectively captured and held. Multiplayer gameplay can be enjoyed by up to three players simultaneously in the game. Ricochet Squad offers multiple characters to choose from. Currently, there are only a few characters to choose from but there will surely be more characters joining the Roadster as the game gets older. The game is easy to play with simple controls that are easy to comprehend and follow (Brand-new Video games).

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8) Sword Art Online variant Showdown

It’s a brand-new version of Sword Art Online that offers a brand-new story. When Kirito and his friends hear about a video game called Cross Edge that is supposedly causing memory loss to its players, they set off to investigate but while playing cross-edge, they were ambushed by a mysterious presence. In the game, you will take control of characters straight out of anime like Kirito and Asuna in ferocious 3D battles. The game features a unique SAO battle system where you can use character-specific sword skills and switch between offense and defense on the fly to take down vicious bosses.

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9) Evermore Knights

 Evermore Knights is a free-to-play turn-based anime-inspired JRPG where strategy and planning can quickly turn the tide of battle. It’s a game full of awesome abilities and flawless gameplay. The game features strategic turn-based gameplay, challenging dungeons, and anime-inspired 2D action. In the game, you assemble a party of four and utilize the power of elemental reactions to defeat your opponents. As you pull off fancy explosive attacks, you unlock a new and unique character steel roaster. This helps you face challenging enemies and collect rewards that you can use to power up your party members (Brand-new Video games).

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10) Auto chess MOBA

Auto Chess MOBA is a mobile game where you immerse yourself in a universe full of undiscovered Heroes, and fight intense 5v5 Battles. In Defending Your Throne, you must try to take advantage of all your characters’ skills to defeat all the enemies you face. In all the mobile games of this genre, you can move each character freely through the various maps. One of the most critical things to do in every game is to attack your opponent’s Red Swell to the fullest extent possible. The gameplay and graphics of this game are quite similar to that of Dota 2, although the game is still fresh and upcoming. People are already enjoying it as much as they do League of Legends, Drift, and Mobile Legends.

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