10 Mind-Blowing Military Games Ever Made

You may have played many such games where you are a one-man army, and you kill a lot of enemies at once. Anyway, it’s a different genre, but those games are different. In those games, you walk with a whole army with you. This is because you’re not killing the enemy alone. Many of your friends are with you. This feeling is different. Promoting this craze, military war games have made themselves their special category the fan base of which is quite big and increasing. Today I am talking about the top 10 mind-blowing military games that every military fan should try.

1) Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor was the first military FPS in the world of video games. The first title in this series was published by Electronic Arch in 1999. Based on World War II, this game was well-liked by people interested in games and wars. This is because its story was created by Steven Spielberg who directed the award-winning Hollywood war film, Saving Private Ryan. Where we usually play missions undercover, he used real war footage and sound effects. In the early 2000s, the game had so much dominance that Activision named it ‘Medal of Honor Killer’ during its development.

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In 2010, this franchise stepped into modern times and performed well there as well. This timeline ended in its sequel, Warfighter, and the developers tried to emotionally connect the soldiers’ sacrifices in both games. This series is not very popular anymore, since Battlefield and COD have overtaken it. However, if you want to experience the feel of special forces or World War II then you should try the Medal of Honor (10 Mind-Blowing Military Games Ever Made).

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2) Six days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah is an under-development game that is being developed by Highwire Games, and it’s based on the actual 2nd battle of Fallujah, which happened in 2004. This tactical shooter game has been dedicated to those US Marines who fought against terrorists in Fallujah city of Iraq for 6 days. It was a difficult battle for the soldiers and many civilians and soldiers died, and this game is being developed to depict those things. This game was planned in 2009 but the publisher at the time, Konami, backed out of the project. At that time, the effects of the 2nd battle of Fallujah were still fresh, and its development would’ve been quite controversial, so it was halted. Then in 2016, Highwire Games announced its development, and now this game will be released in 2023, where realistic weapon mechanics will be present along with well-crafted storylines and combat.

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3) World War 3

For now, World War 3 is in its early access phase and is being developed by Farm 51, a Polish company. There are two online play modes available in this game where we can use vehicles, gadgets, and many varieties of weapons. The maps are based on many real-life locations and their environments are quite realistic.

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4) Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is pretty famous in the tactical shooter genre and Future Soldier is one of the most loved titles from this franchise (Mind-Blowing Military Games). Here we get a four-member team who have the most advanced combat systems available and the ability to become invisible is included in it. We explore many locations and complete many interesting and sensitive missions. When it comes to gameplay, we may see differences in decoys depending on the type of weapon used. The camera is affected by movements and combat, such as when you escape, or if you’re being fired upon, the camera also shakes. Because of this, you may feel like you’re on an actual battlefield during gunfights. Teamwork matters equally here, where we can give many commands to our teammates like where to focus the fire, taking shots in sync, and more.

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5) Battlefield

Battlefield is the main rival of COD today. It also started with its World War II game and then moved on to the Cold War and modern war periods. The main difference between these two is that weapon mechanics, sound effects, and environments are more realistically portrayed in Battlefield. Be it World War II settings or modern wars. It is difficult to distinguish the source of firings during the fights in both games. This franchise does have campaigns, but fewer are liked by players for their story modes.

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It is known more for its multi-player experience rather than its story modes where we get huge maps and the freedom to ride all three modes of transport- land, air, and sea where tanks, jeeps, helicopters, fighter jets, attack boats, all are available. Its latest title, Battlefield 2042 didn’t even have a single-player campaign and only multi-player was prioritized but a lot of new things were introduced in it too. Overall, this franchise can be considered a last-generation military FPS game.

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6) DCS

Eagle Dynamics has developed the Digital Combat Simulator (10 Mind-Blowing Military Games Ever Made), DCS. In this game, the flight experience is pure and realistic. This is because we have to follow all the procedures to operate the fighter jet, or else the engine will not turn on. After that, unlike COD, FF, and Battlefield, the missiles don’t fire with just one click, so you need to turn all the switches off. After that, we can engage any target. It can be difficult for many people to grasp the controls in this game and an external joystick may be needed. The best part is, this game is free and you get two planes to try for free. So try it and see if you like it. You can purchase add-ons and modules after that.

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7) Squad

If someone wants to try the actual challenges, stress, and thrill of war, then Squad is the best game for them. It’s an online shooter game where you need to have some knowledge of weapons and equipment, along with reflexes. This is because every weapon and soldier matters in this game. Vehicles are available here for both transport and combat. However, you need to do special practice to operate them right, especially helicopters. Upon entering the server, there is a dedicated team for every role, including tankers, pilots, etc. And every infantry squad has dedicated members, like riflemen, medics, machine gunners, and more.

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It’s a pretty interesting thing that this game was developed through crowd-funding and its developers, Offworld Industries were established by a community who had developed Project Reality. This was a multi-player mod for Battlefield 2 where the tactical experience was added to make combat look realistic. It was quite liked by people, after which Project Reality was released as a free-to-play, stand-alone title that is still active.

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8) Call of Duty franchise

The Call of Duty series is one of the most popular war games (Mind-Blowing Military Games) in the world today. It has been published by American publisher Activision since its inception and its first title came out in 2003. This game is set in the World War II era. One thing that makes it interesting is that we don’t only play for one side. Britain, America, and the Soviet Union are all part of the campaign. After basing the first three games on World War II, Infinity War introduced the best-selling COD series, which is based on modern warfare. All of the characters interact with players, from heroes to villains. Then Black Ops introduced the Cold War period to this franchise. This got a pretty positive response.

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After that, it stepped into the future when games like Advanced Warfare and Infinity Warfare were launched. But after that, the franchise continued to follow the old track. World War II was released in this franchise in 2017. After that, the reboot of the Modern Warfare series was introduced in 2019. Then, Black Ops returned in 2020, and Modern Warfare 2 was also released on 28th October 2022. This will continue with the rebooted timeline. So overall, periods from World Wars to future wars are available in this series and you can select any one of them at your convenience.

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9) Arma III

Arma III is also a tactical shooter played on a massive scale, just like Squad. It was developed by Bohemia Interactive, and we get to see an open world here as well. Here we can operate many kinds of cars, jeeps, tanks, jets, and boats, and even fly drones that too realistically. A one-man army is a very difficult thing to accomplish. You have to think hard to capture enemy soldiers or fire sources. So we have to work with a sense of teamwork. Here the campaigns are available in single-player and cop-related modes, and multiplayer is also quite enjoyable.

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10) War Thunder

War Thunder was developed by Gaijin Entertainment. As the focus of this game is primarily vehicular combat, we can only operate tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft guns, fighters, bombers, boats, and battleships. Here, combat vehicles are available from World War II to modern times, from nine countries, and each country has a unique line-up. The maps are convenient, as we can hide from enemies and vice versa. It can be difficult to find enemies due to camouflage. So precision and good reflexes are also needed in it. The base game is free to download only premium stuff costs money. So military vehicle fans should try it.

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