10 Most Popular Video Games are Actually COPIED

Today I will tell you about the hidden secret of your favorite game. Today I will tell you about some such games which you like very much, but that video games are actually copied. It doesn’t mean that those games are useless, they are very good games.

1) Angry Birds

Angry Birds has become a very popular franchise. Which along with games, movies, comic books, and many more things have been added. But you do not know that this game has also been copied from the browser game “Crash the Castle”. If you look at the gameplay, they picked it up as it is from “Crash the Castle”. In this game, the birds have to be launched with the help of a slingshot which hits the structure and the whole game was based on the angel. If you throw from the right angle then you can break the structure and kill the pigs.

Now we do the same thing in “Crash the Castle” which came in the year 2009. This means this game came in April and Angry Birds came 6-7 months later in December. This means that the developers of Angry Birds have created their own game taking ideas from this game. The difference is that Angry Birds is more colorful and its birds are very cute, which is probably why Angry Birds has become so popular.

10 Most Popular Video Games are Actually COPIED 1
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2) Getting Over It

This game is so difficult and frustrating that none of us would be who do not know about this game. The game is a copy (video games are actually copied) of the sexy hiking game and the game’s developer has mentioned that they created Getting Over It inspired by the sexy hiking game. Although the physics of the sexy hacking game is very poor and the game is very difficult as compared to Getting Over It. But Getting Over It is quite an awesome game and also very popular.

10 Most Popular Video Games are Actually COPIED 2
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3) Temple Run

Not only Temple Run, but all the running games of this genre, all these running games are inspired by Pepsi Man and Crash Bandicoot. This game is a very old game, Pepsi Man came in 1999 and it must have been made for the promotion of Pepsi. Inside this game you run and collect Pepsi cans., so it looks exactly like temple run. Crash bandicoot which came in 1997. In this game, you are passing through the jungle and you have to avoid obstacles and collect points, in this, you can also go backward. These are the two games that formed the basis of running games and through which thousands of running games have been made.

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4) GTA Series

You must be feeling strange knowing this. You might not know but GTA’s 3D games (Especially GTA 3) are inspired by the Driver series. GTA 3 came in 2001 which was the first 3D game of GTA but driver one and driver two already came in 1999 and 2000. It was a successful game in which you can drive, and do so much more. He was rated 9.7 out of 10 by IGN.

The graphics were also good and an attempt was made to make the city a photo-realistic game. Then came Driver 2, in which we can even get out of the car, but the game was so heavy that the weak console of the time couldn’t handle it. That’s why it got a bad rating. But still, he was ahead of GTA because the year Driver 2 came out which was a 3D game, the same year GTA 2 was launched which was a 2D game, the next year GTA 3 was launched and the game took inspiration from Driver Series. was created. Rockstar Games made GTA 3 better by learning from the mistakes of the Driver series.

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5) Call of Duty

Call o Duty is the best-selling FPS game but is still not completely original. Because in 1999 EA Games launched Medal of Honor which was the first-person shooting game. It was based on World War 2. Its graphics were also good. Some of the developers who made this game launched Call o Duty. Call o Duty: Modern Warfare was the best game of this series and seeing this, EA Games again started the Medal of Honor series in 2010. After Call and Duty, the Battle Field series also started.

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6) Clash of Clans

There probably won’t be anyone who hasn’t played Clash of Clans before the PUBG Mobile era. Clash of Clans is very popular globally. Clash of Clans copied a Facebook game Back Yard Monsters. Back Yard Monsters is the first game of this genre which was released in the year 2010, 2 years before Clash of Clans. The developer of Clash of Clans had copied a lot of things in this game. Many things like Troops, Defenses, Barbarian King, and Queen Archer of Back Yard Monsters have been copied directly.

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7) Battleroyale Games

Till now all the battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legend, all those games have copied (video games are actually copied) a battle royale game named Z1 Battle Royale Game. This game was launched in the year 2015. Like other battle royale games, there are 100 players inside this game and we can play this game in solo, duo, and five modes. You will be surprised to know that PUBG creator Brandon Green has also worked in this game. Then they came to Bluehole Studio and made PUBG!

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8) Candy Crash

Your parents must have played this game. By the way, let me tell you that Candy Crush is also not a real game, but this game has been made by taking inspiration from Bejeweled Classic. It looks like the same game. Just instead of sugar candy, it used to be jewelers. The first Candy Crush became very popular, but you can call it an exact copy of the Bejeweled Classic.

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9) Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario is a very popular game. But this is also a copy. But it didn’t copy any other game, it copied its own game. Originally, this game would first release in Japan and then it would come to other countries. But the sequel to Super Mario Bros. didn’t launch in foreign countries. Because the developers felt that it was a very difficult game, they created Doki Doki Panic, which was released in Japan as well as other countries. But it was released under the name of Super Mario Bros 2. So Super Mario Bros 2 that you know is a copy.

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10) Minecraft

It may sound strange, but Minecraft is also a copy game (video games are actually copied). The creator of this game himself once admitted that he took inspiration from the game named Infiniminer. It was released in 2019 and was a sandbox-building game. The goal of the game was to find the precious metals and bring them to their bases to score points. But people were more interested in its construction part. And maybe that’s where Notch got the idea. After two months, the development of Infiniminer stopped because a lot of bugs started coming into it. The hackers took over the game and started doing illegal modifications. And in such a situation, Notch continued to work on Minecraft and made it a better game.

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