10 Scariest Places & Locations in GTA Series

A lot of attention has been paid to the map details of the GTA series. Every time you play this game you will get to see something new. Today I will tell you about the 10 most scary and secret places in GTA Vice City and San Andres that you may not have seen before. Along with this, we will also try to know what can be the purpose of putting them in the game. This post contains the locations of GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA V (Scariest Places & Locations in GTA).

10) Vice City’s Submarine –

There are tons of things to see in Vice City like rampage missions to kill people, a UFO, and much more. Even after seeing so many things, many places in the game are still not found by many people. Vice City also has a submarine which is located near North Point Mall. If you have looked carefully, there is a big ship right next to it, which is very closely related to this submarine. Looks like it’s a military submarine guarding the ship. But there can be two reasons for this. One, this submarine is guarding the ship.

According to GTA Myth, people believe that when GTA Vice City was released, there were sea monsters inside the game, which causes the ship to break down and is therefore guarded by a military submarine. Another reason may be that the game’s developers want to reveal that the ship’s container houses military forces that are retrieving and protecting the submarine.

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9) Apartment 3C –

Many people may have already discovered Apartment 3C, but do you know the secret? If you go inside the apartment, you’ll see there’s a lot of blood inside the bathroom, and a chainsaw that even Tommy can lift. There are also two suitcases filled with cocaine in that apartment. This entire apartment is a direct connection to the 1980 film Scarface. A scene in the film shows how his drug dealing mission is thwarted by his plan to sell two suitcases full of cocaine. Plus, a failed mission to sell cocaine, which you can see at the beginning of Vice City. If we talk about blood and chains in the bathtub, then both of them are related to the film. There is a scene in the film where Tony Montana’s friend Angel Fernandes is killed by some people.

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8) Fisher’s Lagoon-

Fisher’s Lagoon is a very famous and very scary place in GTA San Andreas which is located in the southwest of the map. Cabins and wheelchairs make this place even more intimidating. Because of this wheelchair, people started researching it. It can also be a reference to a movie. The name of this movie is “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” which is a horror movie. Leatherface, a character in the film, kills Franklin, a disabled person. GTA San Andreas has a wheelchair as in the movie and rumors have spread that they have seen Leatherface inside the game or Jason Boris, a character from the very famous horror series Friday the 13th (Scariest Places & Locations in GTA).

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7) Cement Shoe Man –

The Cement Shoe Man is not very popular but there are two places inside GTA Vice City (Washington Beach, and between Leaf Lynx and Downtown) where if you look underwater you will see a man there, whose both legs are stuck. In cement bricks, from which it is clear that this is some kind of punishment. In “Keep Your Friends Close”, the last mission of GTA Vice City, Ken Rosenberg tells Tommy that the Italian brothers are coming and will punish Tommy with cement shoes. This suggests that the “Cement Shoe Man” is a punishment used by mafia families to punish people inside GTA Vice City (Scariest Places & Locations in GTA).

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6) ZombieTech Corporation-

This is an office in GTA San Andreas that is not scary but a lot of fun. Because this place has never been used in the game but if you go inside this building you will see many details inside and as we know from the name this building is made for zombie research. Inside the building is a huge DNA structure, which suggests that human DNA can be changed to create zombies. And what could be the reason for including it in the game? Maybe it’s the Umbrella Corp. of the Resident Evil series. There is a reference to the game that the developers put in the game for fun.

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5) Creepy House –

Creepy House is located in GTA V Harmony Town. Seeing this, it seems that an attempt has been made to burn it, so many places in the house have become black. All the doors of the house have been sealed so that you cannot go inside. But there is a door behind it so that you can expose any part of the house. When GTA V was released, most people didn’t know about it. But a YouTuber named DarkMythHunter published a video in which he said that ghosts can be created here. After that, this place became very popular.

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4) Maintenance Tunnel –

This is a location in GTA V located in the city of Los and Toss, and this location was used to escape the first robbery. Now the strangest thing about this maintenance tunnel is that in this tunnel you will hear the sound of regular threading which is very strange. After that a very scary thing happens in this tunnel, if you go underwater then you will hear the sound of someone walking. Many times there is the sound of footsteps in the tunnel, after listening it seems that someone is behind you, but looking back, there is no one there.

And last but not least, if you go to a particular place in the tunnel, here you will hear the sound of laughter. Seeing all these things, the fans started saying that there is a man in this tunnel and this is also true because even though Rat Man is not mentally involved in these games, the developers have tried their best to scare the gamers. If you kill a rat inside the tunnel, you will hear someone’s footsteps.

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3) Grave on the Mountain / Mount Gordo Ghost –

If you go between 11:00 pm and 12:00 pm, you will see a ghost there that belongs to Jolene Cranley-Evans, whose husband killed her. Along with this ghost, you will also hear many voices here, which also seem to be strangers. Similarly, there is a tomb in the mountain near it, which is of Ursula’s mother (Scariest Places & Locations in GTA).

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2) Tongva Triangle –

There is no such place as Tongva Triangle inside the game. But there is also an area of ​​play where a lot of paranormal activities take place. That’s why the fans have named it Tongva Triangle. The most mysterious thing about this location is that here you will find not one but many scary things like sometimes your character will turn black and you will hear the sounds of streaming. UFOs also roam here and the drivers here are quite aggressive. Along with this, many paranormal activities take place here.

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1) Ghost Car –

Inside GTA San Andreas there will be many who have seen Ghost Car. But you must have seen it inside GTA 4 and GTA 5. The Ghost Car is inspired by the real-life Glendale car that has been renamed Glen Sheet. No one knows what was the purpose of putting it in GTA San Andreas, but some people claimed it could be a reference to the Christine movie. It can also be seen in GTA 4 and GTA V. There are no specific ghost cars in GTA 4. Many random cars in the city do not have a driver. The same is the case with GTA V, in which you can also see some cars that are driverless.

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