7 Reasons Why GTA is So Popular still in 2022

There will be no one who has not played games in the GTA series. Because GTA games are so popular. But what is it about the GTA series that everyone likes? Today I will tell you 7 reasons why GTA is so popular around the world.

1) Unlimited Modifications

Anyone can modify the popular GTA series like GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA 4, and GTA V such as Avengers Super Hero Mode, Hulk, Iron Man, etc. Also supercar modes like Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc. Not only that, but inside the game, we can install zombie mode, tsunami mode, earthquake mode, graphics mode, character mode, and additional mission modes. You can also add an unlimited number of modes and you can customize your game to your liking. You can add anything from the real world inside the game. So that anyone can enjoy this game according to their own accord.

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2) Influencers

In this social media world, the gaming content creator we like the most, we follow the most. You must have seen on YouTube that there are no such streamers in the world who have not played GTA series games or have not uploaded GTA content. From the biggest content creators in the world to the smallest of content creators, everyone has played the GTA series, which has inspired audiences. Not only YouTube, but you will also get to see this on Facebook and other social media platforms. GTA indeed has a significant influence on social media and this is the main reason why GTA is so popular around the world.

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3) Visuals & Graphics

If you have played HD Universe games of the GTA series like GTA 4 and GTA V, then you would know that the graphics of these games are excellent. The graphics of the game look completely realistic. It’s like we’re in the real world. The game’s texture is inspired by the real world. The cars, trees, houses, and roads of this game look completely realistic. The lighting of the game is very effective. If the sun’s rays fall on an object, they reflect. The physics and logic of these games are very realistic, such as if you fall from a moving car you will get scratches on your body, your health will drop, blood will evaporate on the road and much more. So this game is quite realistic, so obviously everyone will love this game and this game is so popular!

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4) Concept & Storyline

Undoubtedly, GTA games present us with stories and concepts of varying complexity. There are emotional moments inside the story of the game, there are action scenes, there are also strategic moments, and many more things are included. All the games in this series have a protagonist and they also have their own back story and all come from different backgrounds. Tommy Varsity of GTA Vice City is a very effective drug dealer. CJ from Sun Andreas is a very competent gang leader, Trevor in GTA V is very aggressive and Michael can shoot very well. So there is a lot of variety inside the game, which makes it very popular.

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5) Compatibility and Availability

If you are a gamer and play games on any platform whether console or PC or mobile device, GTA series games are available everywhere. If you have a PC or gaming console, you can play all GTA games. Also if you don’t have money, you only have a mobile device, and you can still enjoy games like GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, and GTA 3. You can play this game on any platform. If there is such availability, then it is clear that this game will be popular (Why GTA is so popular around the world).

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6) Online Mode

You can enjoy GTA’s popular HD Universe games such as GTA 4 and GTA V Online, and in GTA Online you will find lots of races and lots of extra missions that you can enjoy multiplayer with your friends. GTA Online updates regularly. New racing events, brand-new cars, and new missions are added. The obvious thing is that if you play a game online with your friend it is a lot of fun. Here you will find the GTA 4 DLC, which you can download and enjoy. This makes the game more interesting. If we play a game in multiplayer and online, then it is a lot of fun. This increases the popularity of the game.

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7) Open World Feel

You are the god in GTA games because you can do whatever you want. Like you can steal someone’s car, you can kill someone with a car, you can kill anyone, and you can shoot anyone. No one can stop you, if you look, there are no boundaries to the game, and you can do whatever you want. So you will enjoy the game a lot and the game will become fun for you.

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