8 Most Popular Video Games are Actually COPIED


Do you know that the big and popular games like GTA, PUBG, and clash of clans that you play are a copy of other games? Those games are not original but have been created by copying other games. Today I will tell you about some such games which you like very much, but that video games are actually copied.

1) Clash of Clans

There will be no one who has not played Clash of Clans before the PUBG Mobile era. Clash of Clans is also very popular globally. Clash of Clans copied a Facebook game “Back Yard Monsters”. Back Yard Monsters is the first game of this genre which was released in the year 2010. Clash of Clans was released after 2 years in 2012. The developer of Clash of Clans had copied a lot of things in this game. Many things like Troops, Defenses, Barbarian King, and Queen Archer of Back Yard Monsters have been copied directly.


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2) Hyperfront

This game has crossed the limit. This game has copied Valorant so much that people know it as Valorant Mobile instead of Hyper Front. It is developed and published by a China-based native gaming studio. Inside this game, we also get to see agents like Valorant. From the name of the heroes to the map style of the game, it is completely valorant-like. The physics, weapons, and many more concepts of this game have been copied directly (Video Games are Actually COPIED).


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3) Battleroyale Games

All the battle royale games that have come so far like PUBG, Fortnite, and apex legend, all those games have copied a battle royale game named Z1 Battle Royale Game. This game was launched in the year 2015. Like other battle royale games, there are 100 players inside this game and we can play this game in solo, duo, and five modes. You will be surprised to know that PUBG creator Brandon Green has also worked in this game. Then he came to Bluehole Studio and made PUBG!


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4) Stand-Off Two

This game has copied a very popular first-person shooter multiplayer video game named Counter Strike Global Offence. We all must have played this game once in our childhood. The guns and camera angles in Standoff Two are exactly like Counter-Strike. Apart from this, the game weapons, the way the knife is waved, the scope opening effect, the structure of the game, and everything else have been completely copied. This game has copied CS: GO so much that this game is known by the name of CS: GO mobile worldwide. But this game is very good and gives a full CS: GO experience (Video Games are Actually COPIED).


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5) Getting Over It

This game is so difficult and frustrating that none of us will be who do not know about this game. This game is a copy of the sexy hiking game and the developer of this game has mentioned that they created Getting over it inspired by the sexy hiking game. Although the physics of the sexy hacking game is very poor and the game is very difficult as compared to Getting over It. But Getting over It is quite an awesome game and also very popular.


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6) Running Games

Running Games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, there won’t be any of us who haven’t played Temple Run or Subway Surfers. You will be surprised to know that both these games have also copied many old running games like Pepsi Man or Crash Bandicoot. Pepsi Man was launched in the year 1999. Inside this game, you run and collect Pepsi cans. Crash Bandicoot was launched in the year 1997. In this game, you are passing through the jungle and you have to avoid obstacles and collect points. Both of these games were the foundation of new running games, after which the rest of the games copied their concepts!


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7) Project Star

This game is a copy of a popular PC game called “No Man Sky”. All of you can’t complete “no man sky” because there are thousands of planets inside this game and there is so much to explore. Project Star has copied this game, however Project Star is still under development and this game will come for Android and iOS platforms. Project Star’s graphics are as colorful as “no man sky”.


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8) GTA 3

The inspiration to create all 3D games of GTA 3 or GTA first came from the driver series because GTA 3 was launched in the year 2001 which was the first 3D game of GTA. But Driver 1 and 2 were launched in the years 1999 and 2000. Out of these, Driver 1 was very successful and this game was also a 3D game that we can drive. An attempt was made to make the graphics of this game realistic. Driver 2 was launched next year in 2000 and in the same year GTA 2 was launched which was a 2D game GTA, next year GTA 3 was launched and this game was made taking inspiration from Driver Series (Video Games are Actually COPIED). Rockstar Games made GTA 3 better by learning from the mistakes of the Driver series.


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