PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Which Console Should You Buy?

Now there is such a shortage of PlayStation 5 that people have to buy Xbox. Playstation 5 is not available at all now, although it has been 2 years since both of these were launched. There is also a shortage of Xbox, but not that much. You will find it available on Amazon sometimes. So would it be right to replace Playstation 5 with Xbox? (PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X) Today we will compare both in detail.

1) In the Box

In the box of the PlayStation 5, you get a console, controller, HDMI cable, Type C cable, and a stand. Xbox Series X includes a console, controller, controller’s battery, and HDMI cable. But there is no Type C cable available to connect the controller.

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2) Design

Let’s talk about the design. Both are quite spectacular to look at. Talking about the design of the PlayStation 5, its size is a bit big. However, you will not have any problem keeping it as you can place it both horizontally and vertically. The design of the Xbox is quite simple. But it could be a bit better. Looking at it gives a retro feel. There is no change in the controller; the Xbox control remains the same as before. There is a sync button on the side and a USB Type A3.2 gen-2 slot is available at the front. There’s an Xbox button in it, and the same button is present on the controller. Both of these buttons are flashing.

The PlayStation 5’s controller gets a disc eject button on the front, a power button, and a USB Type 3.2 gen 2 slot. Apart from this, a USB Type C port is available. But you do not have any Type C slot available in Xbox Series X. In terms of design, to be honest, the PlayStation is a bit futuristic and stylistic in appearance. Because the console’s design is old, but its top design is updated. Its only highlight is the green chrome it has, which is very appealing to the eye. But looking from the outside, it seems that no improvement has been done in its design (PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X).

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X 1
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Two USB Type 3.2 slots are available at the back of the PlayStation 5. Apart from this, you get a high-speed Ethernet port, an HDMI port, and a power port. The rear of the Xbox has two USB 3.2 slots, an HDMI port, and a power port. Along with this you also get a storage expansion slot. What are these storage expansion slots? In this case, you can increase the storage by installing SSD. But no ordinary SSD can be installed in it; a custom-made high-speed SSD has to be installed, which is very expensive. On Amazon, you can get 1 TB of storage for $250. You also get storage expansion in Playstation, but for this, the plates have to be removed and it stays inside.

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3) Size

Seeing the size, you must have realized that PlayStation 5 is quite heavy. But the Xbox Series X weighs 9.8 pounds and the PlayStation 5 weighs 9.92 pounds (PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X). That is, both are almost equal. Playstation is a portable instrument. If you search online you will find bags of this. But bags for Xbox are difficult to find. If you want to take it somewhere, it will be a bit difficult.

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4) Specifications

Xbox Series X CPU is an eight-core custom Zen 2 processor running at 3.8 GHz. The PS5 comes with an eight-core CPU rocking last-gen’s AMD Zen 2 processor running at 3.5 GHz.

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X 2
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GPU for the Xbox series X is a custom RDNA 2 processor that runs at 1.825 GHz with 52 cores creating 12 teraflops. The GPU of PS5 is a custom-made RDNA 2 processor at 2.23 GHz that will produce 10.28 teraflops. Both have 16 GB GDDR6 RAM. In terms of storage, the Xbox leaves the Playstation behind. The Xbox series X has 1 TB custom NVMe SSD and the Playstation has 825 GB custom SSD.

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Both the consoles support 4k gaming at 120 fps, and 8k gaming at HDR. You can play the previous game on both consoles. Up to 90% of previous games can be played on Playstation 5 and all games are supported on Xbox X. So in terms of specs, the Xbox Series X is the winner.

5) Controller

The Xbox series X key controller is the same as the old generation key controller, there are no special changes. It has a type-C port and a sync button. It does not require any external cable. In this, you get an illuminated Xbox key. This key will be lit whenever you are connected. At the bottom, you get the headphone jack and ports for connecting the extender. Apart from this, these controllers come with 2 batteries which last for about 30-40 days. Its buttons feel clicky. The dotted design on the bottom makes it easy to grip, and it feels comfortable in the hand.

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X 3
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The PlayStation 5 controller looks and feels quite premium. Its design is very elegant. Its design has been made in black and white type and it seems that there has been a slight improvement in its design (PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X). The interior light is very beautiful. There were a lot of complaints about the light in the PS4 controller which was very disturbing. But it has been lightened a bit and no color design has been given.

The earlier controllers came in red, green, blue, and yellow color designs. But now it has been made in black and white. In this, you also get an inbuilt mic, mic mute and unmute button, speaker, extender port, and headphone jack. However, both the extender port and the headphone jack are the same. You cannot use the extender while using headphones. Talking about the battery backup, it runs for 18-20 hours on 1 charge.

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The controller of the PlayStation 5 is a bit heavier than the controller on the Xbox. This is because all facilities are available. In terms of the controller, the Play Station doesn’t come close to the Xbox controller.

6) Membership

Let’s talk about game membership and exclusive titles. On PlayStation, you receive PS Plus and on Xbox, you receive Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass which is priced at $9.99. If you take it for the first time, you get seven months free, after that you have to pay every month. Once you pay $9.99, you can use it for 8 months. On the first day, you get more than 100 games, through Game Pass. In addition, you will find the Hello series, Forza Horizon series, and many other similar games. You’ll access all the games through Xbox Game Pass. In this, you get so many games that you do not have to buy any games separately (PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X).

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To subscribe to Play Station Plus, you’ll need to spend $59.99 for 1 year, $29.99 for 3 months, and $9.99 for 1 month. After taking a PlayStation Plus membership, you get many games like God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, Resident Evil, Days Gone, and many more. However, it is necessary to claim the game before playing it, since the game must be claimed every month on the Play Station. But you can get Xbox at any time.

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To compare, it is $5 per month for a Play Station Plus membership. Xbox membership is a bit expensive, but it offers a lot of games. Thus, in this case, both appear to be about equal.

7) Games

Talking about the exclusive title. First, let’s talk about the series titles of Xbox Series X, which are the Halo Series, Forza Horizon Series, and Gear Series.

Some of the most exclusive titles on PlayStation include Spider-Man, Spider-Man Miles Morales, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Horizon,

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Xbox’s exclusive title is not exclusive anywhere because you can play it on PC too. You can also run it on a PC by downloading it from the Microsoft Store. However, the Play Station game is only available on PlayStation, you can’t find it elsewhere.

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8) Price

Playstation 5 Price – $499 & Xbox Series X Price – $547

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