Top 10 Best Android Games Like GTA 5

Open-world games are very interesting. You will have the whole game world at your fingertips. These games allow you to explore, complete a story, take on side missions, and generally move around the game world. Grand Theft Auto has revolutionized the world of popular games and Minecraft, which is an open world. You’ll find open-world varieties like shooters, RPGs, adventure games, and all kinds of other genres, which means you have a lot of games to choose from. This article provides information about the best open-world android games like GTA 5.

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1) Gangtown Story

It is an action-adventure open-world title similar to GTA that lets you do what you love. The game has exciting missions that players can complete. Also, the game is offline. In the game, you complete missions, join a gang, and explore the crime-ridden city to become the most powerful mafia gang leader. In this open-world game, players can use vehicles such as cars, tanks, helicopters, and more. Overall, it is a very entertaining game that offers stunning graphics and easy controls (Android Games Like GTA 5).

Top 10 Best Android Games Like GTA 5 1

2) GTA 5 fan made

It is a fan-made game with a 3D open world. This is probably the closest a mobile game is to GTA, short of buying a port of the game. It features all three characters from GTA 5 as well as their cars. Currently, the game is incomplete. There are no missions and no NPCs. In the game, you simply move around the city. If you are very excited to see what GTA 5 looks like on mobile, then give this game a try. Maybe the developer will add more features in the future.

Top 10 Best Android Games Like GTA 5 2

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3) Gangster New York Beta

It is a brand-new open-world game inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 and Gangster New York developed by Gameloft. In the game, you will take on the role of a character whose task is to rescue people and find dark organizations. There are many science-fiction elements in the game such as jet packs, robots, a sci-fi city, etc. There are several missions in the game that you have to complete. You can also steal cars and other useful items during missions. The game also has a night and day setting, which makes the city look beautiful. You can explore the city and take part in the race to become the gangster of the city (Android Games Like GTA 5).

Top 10 Best Android Games Like GTA 5 3

4) One State RP

It is an amazing open-world game that will give you the feel of GTA 5 on mobile. In this game, you have to meet and fight a lot of random players. The game has many similarities to GTA 5’s RP mode. You can do multiple tasks, explore the open world, drive cars to reach different heights, and much more. Plus, you can meet and buy or sell goods with tons of other players on the map. Plus, just like in GTA RP, you can become a cop, join a gang, or become a criminal in the game. Overall the graphics and controls are good in this game.

Top 10 Best Android Games Like GTA 5 4

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5) Drive Zone Online

It is an open-world title but not entirely inspired by GTA. The game elements here are similar to GTA 5, such as GTA 5 Stunt Race, and you can race in real-time with other players. The airborne map is similar to the Desert Airport map in GTA 5. However, the game also has many supercars like Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, and other cars with unlimited customization options. Besides that, you can also complete different tasks and discover hidden bonus boards to earn extra money. It has excellent graphics, and the real-time racing and stunt modes are amazing. So if you are looking for a game with GTA 5 elements, check it out (Android Games Like GTA 5).

Top 10 Best Android Games Like GTA 5 5

6) Gangster crime

Gangster Crime hasn’t been updated in a while but the gameplay is still pretty solid. And to answer your question that’s why I put together our list. In the game, you start off as a gangster and then complete missions and challenge a vast empire in an attempt to gain popularity in the mafia world. The game features a huge open-world city and also a lot of fun activities to participate in such as gambling in the casino or racing cars. Finally, if you get bored you can destroy cars, tanks, etc.

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7) GTA 6 fan made

Gamers got excited after GTA 5 gameplay leaked on the internet. Here we have GTA 6 on mobile ahead of its release. This developer has created a game very similar to League of GTA 6. Although this is a fan-made game, it is not an official version. But it is a very commendable job (Android Games Like GTA 5).

8) Vice Online

It is an open-world role-playing game similar to GTA RP. Here you steal cars and explore the big open world. The game includes different job professions like gangster, businessman, racer, taxi driver, collector, robber, and policeman. You can participate in these and earn money. Furthermore, there are several vehicles and weapon options that you can buy or sell. In Vice Online you will immerse yourself in the world of a cosmopolitan city. In addition, the game features multiplayer. So there are many other players in the game who can shoot you on the way. This game is awesome but due to some server issues, I am having trouble logging in.

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9) Grand Criminal Online

It is an action-adventure game inspired by the famous GTA saga. It offers an open world in which you have complete freedom to do whatever you want. You can drive a car, perform stunts, be a rifleman and shoot people. The graphics are stunning and the surrounding landscape and buildings are well-created. In addition, the game has a varied mission system, but they are not particularly necessary. This allows the player to do whatever they want without having to follow the requirements of the assigned mission system. However, players will receive some valuable items if they participate in missions (Android Games Like GTA 5).

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