Top 10 Best Story Based Android Games 2023

A story game has an engaging story inside, and we play the character. Such games are considered to be the most entertaining. Here, you control the character in the story. And sometimes you can also change the storyline according to your preferences. But such games for mobile are very few. But today I will tell you about 10 similar story-based games that are available for mobile (Story Based Android Games).

1) Embracelet

It’s an adventure game set in Northern Norway that offers a unique Coming of Age story about love loss friendship and family. In the game, a magical bracelet with mysterious powers is worn around the wrist. Embracelet is a puzzle adventure game with a gripping storyline and relaxing puzzles, exploration, and a beautiful orchestral soundtrack. You play Jesper, a Norwegian teenager who lives with his mom in the city. His grandfather gave him an old bracelet one day, and this bracelet has strange and mysterious powers. So Jesper is given the task of unraveling the mystery behind the bracelet. Where does it come from? Who does it belong to? And why did his grandfather leave the island and his old life behind? You will find answers in the game (Story Based Android Games).

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2) Father and Son

It’s a 2D graphic adventure that tells the story of a son and his deceased father. Sadly, the son never really had a connection with his father because his father dedicated his entire life to his job at the national archeological museum of Naples. After his father’s death, the son decides to get to know his father through his work. His actions are very diverse, from sitting down and having a coffee to talking with another person and even drawing. So once you have arrived at the museum with the son you can travel in time and for a few seconds become an ancient Egyptian. This feature helps you get to know the past as well as the connection between Father and Son. Overall it’s a beautiful adventure. The visuals are truly amazing, and it also has a beautiful story that unfolds before your eyes.  

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3) El Hijo  

It’s a fun puzzle adventure game with a western stealth style. Here players will transform into El Hijo, a 6-year-old boy on a journey to find his lost mother. The game tells the story of a mother and her son El Hijo, who were attacked by a group of Bandits and these Bandits razed her family farm. So the mother decided to take her son to a monastery to protect him. However, the boy decided to run away and embark on an endless adventure. So you play as El Hijo, a 6-year-old using your toys to distract your opponents, while you try and go past them by using shadows to your advantage in puzzle action. The game is available on IOS and Android (Story Based Android Games) and includes full controller support.

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4) Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition

It’s a portable adaptation of the great Final Fantasy 15 available for consoles and PC. The Pocket Edition has a similar game experience and story but with an anime aesthetic and gameplay perfectly adapted to touchscreen devices. The main story and the fundamentals of the game’s combat are reproduced here save a few minor narrative beats and some of the fancier gameplay flourishes like link attacks. But regardless it’s still the story of the warring kingdoms of Insomnia Niflheim and Altissia.

Gamers who are familiar with the Final Fantasy series will easily understand the story as the game (Story Based Android Games) shows a symbol of peace and a wedding. On the eve of his father’s signing ceremony, the Prince sets out for his wedding. However, the journey ahead is fraught with Perlis. The story of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is divided into 10 chapters and you can play the first chapter for free. But of course, if you want to find out what happens in the other 9 chapters you will have to purchase them through the app itself.

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5) Lonewolf 

It’s a first-person shooter where you play as Lone Wolf a mysterious assassin who works for an organized crime ring. Unlike other games in this genre, Lonewolf’s story plays a major part in the game. There are more than 30 missions in Lonewolf though they are all pretty short and usually have very straightforward objectives. Normally you have to kill one or two targets but sometimes you also have to meet other requirements to complete the mission. Overall it’s a different kind of first-person shooter featuring gameplay that’s well adapted to touch screens as well as gorgeous graphics. As for the game’s story when you consider the stories behind other games of this type Lone Wolf is a breath of fresh air.

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6) Old Man’s Journey

It’s an arcade game with a story about hope and failure in life. The game (Story Based Android Games) opens with the image of an old man standing on the porch looking out at the sea. When he was chilling in his private world, a postman came to give him an urgent letter, which forced him to think and then prepare for an urgent trip. So the game doesn’t offer any dialogue or text but the entire journey of the old man will depend on the player’s own decision. To learn more about the interesting elements that make the game unique. You should try purchasing the game and experiencing it for yourself. You can also try the demo version before you buy. Both apps are available in the Play Store.

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7) Forgotten Anne

Imagine a place where all that is lost and forgotten resides. Toys, letters, and socks Forbidden Lands is a musical world inhabited by forgotten lines living in mislaid objects longing to be remembered. Forgotten Annie is a shameless cinematic adventure with a meaningful storyline and light puzzle platforming. You are Anne the enforcer who keeps order in the Forgotten Lands. As she sets out to squash a rebellion that might prevent her master and herself from returning to the human world. The way Anne moves, the details of the environments, and the Warm Glow of Lantern light all combine to make you feel as if you are playing a hand-drawn movie. There are often blues and greens that fill the world and give it a kind of underwater, dreamy feel. Sometimes it feels like it could have been a movie. But it’s a game.

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8) Forgotten memories

It’s the first in a series of survival horror games (Story Based Android Games) coming from a Canadian developer. It is heavily inspired by classic creep fests like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Alone in the Dark. It takes the player into the archetype fearful setting of an abandoned Psychiatric Hospital. Taking on the role of investigator Rose Hawkins you are searching for a missing girl and your search has led you in mysterious circumstances to the old asylum. In pitch darkness, you set out to explore the dilapidated building without your flashlight. And from the outside, the game wages psychological warfare against you with the pervasive threat of the unknown around every corner. So if you like horror games, you should give them a try.

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9) Storm boy

This one is an amazing open-world adventure game, based on the book of the same name by Colin Thiele. The game takes place on the beaches of South Australia near the mouth of the Murray River. Where the protagonists rescue orphaned chicks one of which later becomes the child’s pet. So you will experience an interactive retelling of the classic story. In this retelling, you will take control of both the storm boy and Mr. Percival in critical moments such as when sailors are trapped in a storm. So you can enjoy fun and relaxing beachside activities such as sand drawing, sailing hunting, playing, and more. If you want to experience an exciting open world, this is the game for you.

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10) The Mosaic

In this game, you play as an ordinary man living an ordinary life in which nothing seems to happen. You have no partner, no friends, no one, wake up to go to work then go back to bed. You are isolated from a cold dark world while still being part of it. All this changes one day when butterflies, musicians, and talking fish appear out of nowhere to show you that what you are doing is not life. Mosaic is not a scary game but its environment is. Everything seems cold and dark and sometimes it gets too dark. So it’s difficult to see what’s going on or where you are. Still, everything about the game, from the music to the atmosphere, gives you the feeling that something scary might happen.

The game takes place over a few days and every day is the same. You get up, check your phone, get ready for work, and begin your commute. More than a game, Mosaic is an experience that showcases the real problem that is modern isolation. Throughout the game, you are mostly invisible in your job. You are nothing but a number on a server, and people avoid you. They don’t make eye contact and they walk away from you. So I think the developer does a great job of making you feel the fear of loneliness while being surrounded by thousands of people. So the game (Story Based Android Games)lets you escape a monotonous life in a cold city without much meaning. Until one crucial day when strange things start to happen and everything changes. Thus, Mosaic is an atmospheric adventure game that might change your perspective on life.  

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