Top 10 Flop Games of 2022

Every year thousands of games are released. Some of them become bestsellers & fan favorites, and some become flops. I will tell you about the 10 flop games of 2022. This is our personal analysis and opinion and we know that making a game takes time and resources. We don’t mean any disrespect to any game on this list.

1) Shadow Warrior 3

The Shadow Warrior series has been running for years and many things have changed in this game series over the years. Shadow Warrior 3 was released in March, and it flopped. Shadow Warrior 3 is an FPS game with very simple gameplay and the combat was nothing new either, it was the same old stuff. The gameplay isn’t terrible, but it’s not exciting either. After playing it, people even wondered why the game was made because the plot was different. In addition, everything was bland.

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2) Chocobo Racing

Chocobo Racing was probably one of the most favorite racing games for 90’s kids. So when Chocobo GP was announced, people were quite nostalgic and hype was created, and finally, it was released on 12th January. This game broke the hearts of its fans, and many fans were disappointed with its aspect of microtransactions. Many people found the trailers and information provided before the release deceitful and the game wasn’t that special. It couldn’t compete with other classic racing games like Mario Kart. Gamers had to spend a lot of money to expand their characters, and this game also flopped (Flop Games of 2022).

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3) The Waylanders

The Waylanders were released in February. It’s an RPG and its plot seems really engaging. The game is based on an alternate Earth, where magic is real. It starts with your chosen character, who for the first time in human history is going to meet God. This game was quite ambitious. Quality-wise, the game has flopped. The characters are quite irritating, and the dialogue is poorly written. The game is relatively slow-paced and undramatic. It also contained many bugs, which disappointed many players. Now, bugs still get fixed over time but the story of the game and other aspects that could be better is unfixable.

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4) Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal, which is an MMO action role-playing game that was released in June, was one of the biggest flops of 2022. This game made a lot of money, but it disappointed fans. Diablo Immortal is the worst-rated Blizzard game in existence. But why did it happen? What was wrong with the game? Players did not like the microtransactions in the game. In this game, whoever spent a significant amount of money got an advantage over those who grinded for hours, but didn’t spend any money. Fans were quite angry with Blizzard for monetizing core gameplay elements. Although a player spent 100K dollars to build a flawless character it backfired because he couldn’t play PVP with other players (Flop Games of 2022).

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5) Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall was released in March 2022. It is a game that was expected to be flawless because its developer was an action expert at Platinum Games. The game was backed by major publisher Square Enix. Babylon’s Fall was designed for small parties or four-person groups so that gamers can regularly play with their friends and participate in raids. But all the excitement ended after the game’s launch. Fans and critics found the game disappointing. The graphics were poorly animated and this game couldn’t live up to the hype and action of Platinum Games’ other titles.

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6) Postal 4

The Postal series has a reputation for violence, as the main character displays violence in the town. This character is quite paranoid and he thinks that the townspeople want to kill him. So the rule is simple – kill them before they kill you. Now, it looked pretty in some previous editions. But when Postal 4: No Regrets launched in 2022, many critics and fans were unhappy with this game. From the shooting mechanics of the game to its story, its graphics, and its performance, almost everything was awful. The game crashed a lot and fans had to restart the game right in the middle of the action. The conclusion of the game was also quite underwhelming (Flop Games of 2022).

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7) Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights released in October is an action RPG game. It was developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This game sold a lot of copies, and DC fans were quite excited to explore it. But many fans were disappointed with the graphic fidelity of the game and many gamers canceled their pre-orders to protest against Warner Bros. because WB decided to not include a higher frame rate. Players were clearly dissatisfied because the game lacked a performance mode, and performance issues persisted on almost all platforms.

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8) Crossfire X 

Fans had a lot of expectations for Crossfire X. Fans of the successful Crossfire game of 2007 were eagerly waiting for Crossfire X. However, when Crossfire X was released in February, it broke fans’ hearts. For an FPS game, Crossfire was quite boring. This game flopped due to overall boring gameplay, terrible writing, and terrible AI. Fans gave it so much backlash that developers had to issue an official apology letter a few days after its release. In this letter, they apologized to the fans and asked for some time to fix the game. But it’s too late. This received a hostile reception too. GameRant gave Crossfire X a rating of 0.5 out of 5 in its review (Flop Games of 2022).

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9) Dolmen

Unlike the other games on this list, Dolmen isn’t that terrible. Dolmen is an action RPG game that was released in May. It has futuristic sci-fi and cosmic horror elements. Dolmen was announced at a time when many promising sci-fi horror games were in development with bigger budgets and backing than Dolmen, and Dolmen was released about the same time as Elden Ring. So you can understand. Some people also found the game unbalanced and it was quite difficult, and not in a fun way but rather in an enraging way. Normal gamers couldn’t connect much with this game, and in the end, it flopped.

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10) Saints Row (Reboot)

Saints Row was released in August 2022 and is an action-adventure game (Flop Games of 2022). This version of Saints Row was a reboot of fans’ beloved Saints Row franchise and it was the 5th main game. Before launch, fans of Saints Row were quite hyped for this game. However, some people even gave Saints Row the title of the most disappointing game of the year. This was because its story was really terrible. Players found most of the characters annoying, and the graphics weren’t visually appealing either. The game had a lot of bugs too and the game was not what fans expected it to be.

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