Top 10 Most Hated Video Games of All Time

There are some games on which we have high expectations but they do not live up to our expectations. Some of these games trouble gamers due to their bug, bad story, or boring plot. Today I will tell you about 10  games that are considered to be the most hated video games in the world. There will be some games that you have played yourself.

1) Angry Birds Go

Many of you must have played Angry Birds on mobile. This is a game whose gameplay is good, and fun, graphics are also good to play but the company is very greedy for money. It has been made by taking inspiration from Super Mario. It has funny characters, a colorful environment, and is a very fun game. But due to being free to play, the company has put a lot of advertisements on it.

Apart from this, you only have an old car in this. If you want more cars then you have to earn money by playing for hours. But you can’t play more at once because of its energy system. This means you have to take a break of about 10 minutes and you will have to spend money on a new car. This is the reason behind ruining such a good game. If the company is so hungry for money, they would have taken out paid games, what is the point of being free?

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2) Amazing Strange Rope Police

This is a mobile game that kind of merges GTA and Spider-Man together. And its name is Amazing Strange Rope Police. It’s also a bad game because even though it’s a mix of both GTA and Spiderman, it’s none of them (Most Hated Video Games). This is basically for those people who search for spider-man games like GTA on mobile. But let me tell you that this is not good at all. Even though in this game you can land from buildings, fight with police; steal cars, nothing more than that.

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3) Fau-G

This is a game that had high expectations but it did not turn out well. People were expecting it like PUBG. But it’s just a 20-minute story game with only two or four moves of combat. And when its TDM came, it was full of bugs. It was very difficult to control it properly and overall it was not a good experience. It is an Indian game, and Indians supported it a lot. This game completed 5 million downloads very quickly. Although its developers promised that they will fix it soon and bring a better gameplay mode. Whatever happens, will be seen in the future.

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4) Cyberpunk 2077

This game is so full of bugs that if any game gets spread due to bugs then it is given the name Cyberpunk. It was announced 9-10 years ago and people were very excited to see its teaser. At the time when its graphics and gameplay were shown and the story overview was given, enthusiasm among the people increased. But the day it was launched, imagine how excited people would be to play it. But even after waiting 8 years, a perfect game was not found. The developers did not test them properly (Most Hated Video Games).

Due to which this happened, people got so angry with them that they started asking for their money back. Microsoft and Sony began refunding money to all console users, and the game was removed from the PlayStation. The management said that it happened because of their mistake. Because they hastened to release? After about a year, the game was almost fixed. Let me tell you that the only drawback of this game is its bugs. The characters, story, gameplay, and graphics are top-notch.

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5) Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Who is not a fan of the Harry Potter series? And it is still very popular today. But sadly, none of these games are made at the movie level. One of these games is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, which is a mobile game and you may have played it too. Firstly its gameplay is very slow. With this, there are many in-app purchases in the game, due to which many fans were disappointed.

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6) GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition

When GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition was announced; people thought that there would be something new to play. But it was one of the worst games of 2021. There were a lot of expectations from its trailer but the game did not turn out like this at all. The whole game was full of bugs. Some characters were spoiled instead of doing well. Its mobile version was slightly changed and sold at two-three times the price. The launch of this game was a disaster. Even though this series is very good and everyone likes it very much. Still, Rockstar Games could not remaster it well. It seems that this game was made in haste just to earn money. Almost all the media houses have given it a very poor rating (Most Hated Video Games).

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7) Evil Inside

Horror games are becoming very popular in the last few years. They are also becoming quite popular due to the content creators and streamers. One such horror game is Evil Inside, whose name you have probably heard. People do not like this game at all because it is very short and its storyline is quite boring. This game is the complete opposite of its genre and it is quite a useless game.

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8) Contra: Rogue Corps

You must have played the Contra game. There are many memories associated with this game. And if you want to get a chance to play such a game in 3D, then you absolutely should not play Contra: Rogue Corps. Because despite being 3D, it does not give a feel of contrast and its gameplay is not much fun. And the graphics are also not as expected. IGN included it in its list of most hated games of 2019.

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9) E-Football

This game was first on mobile as well. After this, a football series started and it was going to be free to play, that is, you can play it on all platforms. But when this game was launched, it also proved to be a disaster. This game was full of bugs. In this game, football players were passing through the body. It looks like the players are flying and have useless graphics on their faces. Where fouling is taking place, there is no foul being given. And the actions of the players are strange. From the year 1986, it became the “worst football game at launch”.

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10) GTA 5: Expanded & Enhanced

This game is released this year. Although GTA V is a good game. It’s been almost 9 years since it was released, yet today Rockstar has re-released the same game called Expanded and Enhanced. There is nothing new in this game. Hence its trailer was one of the most hated (Most Hated Video Games) videos on PlayStation and Rockstar Games channel. Don’t know what Rockstar is doing these days?

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