TOP 10 Most Powerful Video Game Characters Ever

I’m here to talk about the 10 strongest video game characters today. The following list is made on the basis that each character’s power is assessed by its significance in their universe, so it may be subjective. That’s why we only mention the most iconic and famous characters (Most Powerful Video Game Characters).

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1) War ( Darksiders)

War is a character whose presence can make some people have nightmares, even though he’s not a demon. He’s a warrior who’s more powerful than any demon or angel. He’s also called the Horseman of the Apocalypse and every creature is afraid to face him. He can counter any situation with his horrific blade and destructive magical powers, which is nearly impossible for any villain to escape.

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2) Alex Mercer (Prototype)

Prototype introduces one of the unique concepts in the gaming universe where our protagonist Alex has superpowers and shapeshifting abilities, using which he can change into any different character. When he has a low health level, he can also extract health from someone. He is so strong that he can kill human enemies with a punch and is a deserving candidate to be counted among the most powerful video game characters.

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3) Master Chief (HALO)

The HALO franchise is one of the most popular first-person shooter series today and we get to see a futuristic timeline here where we fight aliens and parasites. In its mainline games, we control a super soldier called Master Chief whose armor has healing capabilities, and we can also use the suit’s other features during combat. Master Chief is a powerful character due to his agility and ability to be a one-man army.

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4) Raiden (Metal Gear Rising Revengence)

Raiden is a cyborg that was featured in some games of the Metal Gear franchise. However, we can see Raiden in a leading role in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and explore his powers in detail. Raiden gets enhanced ability and strength due to his exoskeleton which makes it easier to defeat enemies. A powerful sword also enables Raiden to cut not just enemies, but also cars. Hand-to-hand combat using martial arts, close combat with a sword, and sharp shooting with a rifle make Raiden an excellent soldier, who is quite tough to fight against (Most Powerful Video Game Characters).

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5) Dante (Devil May Cry)

Dante plays the lead role in the Devil May Cry franchise. He fights demons and monsters throughout the franchise and defeats many demon bosses too. Dante is a skilled swordsman who can use his sword with remarkable agility. Being the son of a demon, he also has mystical powers that he can use during battles so that all kinds of monsters and creatures can be defeated.

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6) Asura ( Asura Wrath)

Who is at the top of the gaming hierarchy? It is Asura. Asura is a demigod character who features in the game Asura’s Wrath. Since the character has a lot in common with anime, watching the action may feel like watching anime. In addition to Hindu and Buddhist mythology, science fiction is also applied to this character. This character’s powers also become nearly invincible and more powerful than most gods in the universe and if he becomes uncontrolled then he can even destroy planets. His rage is the reason behind his power. He is a physically and psychologically strong character who has learned from his experiences. He brutally beat up his enemies as well as beaten up by them (Most Powerful Video Game Characters).

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7) Cloud (Final Fantasy)

Final Fantasy has been around for 35 years. A character like Cloud doesn’t have appealing suits or destructive abilities. Instead, he possesses powerful armor and fighting abilities to fight every kind of enemy. This makes him one of the most skilled warriors, if not the strongest because there are many scenarios where we have to use our brains and not our muscles.

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8) 2B ( NIER Automata)

YoRHa No.2 Type B, 2B in short, is an advanced female android. It was made to defend against machine life forms. 2B is a pretty intelligent and strong character, with many gadgets, weapons, and fighting skills that she can use to defeat many enemy battle machines.

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9) Kratos (God of War)

Which gamer hasn’t heard of Kratos? Even non-fans of God of War have seen or at least heard of the wrath of a character like Kratos. Being the God of War, no living being can match the power of Kratos. Even the god of thunder Thor couldn’t defeat Kratos. Because of the weapons, combat agility, raw strength, and battle IQ of Kratos, he’s one of the most feared personalities in the God of War universe (Most Powerful Video Game Characters).

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