Top 11 Female Video Game Characters and Their Face Model

There was a time when video games and the characters in them were made purely from imagination. Depending on the type of game or the artist who created the characters. A character made from a real person would be believable. Then said the game would be a movie tie-in with a star actor or actress, modeled after. Recent and modern gaming has seen a lot of actors or models contributing their likeness or voice and sometimes both to games they are working on. I’m here to talk about the top 11 female video game characters and their face models today.

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1) Lyndall Jarvis as laughing octopus (metal gear solid 4 guns of the patriots)

While Metal Gear Solid 4 was good and Hideo Kojima was crazy with his games, one of the most memorable parts was the villains. This is the beauty and the beast unit also known as the BMB unit. They were laughing octopus raging raven crying wolf screaming mantis. However, in this list, we are discussing the South African actor Lyndall Jarvis as the laughing octopus. She is a model and television presenter born and raised in Cape Town. She was named the sexiest woman in South Africa in 2009 by FHM, and we can all see why the laughing octopus was modeled after her.

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2) Sasha Zotova as jill valentine (resident evil 3 remake)

When the remake of resident evil 3 was announced, people thought that maybe Julia Voth who served as the character model for jail in the resident evil franchise would be providing her likeness again. It wasn’t that much of a surprise though when she was replaced by the gorgeous Russian Sasha Zotova who has been modeling for 11 years. She started her YouTube channel shortly after to react and play the game. Her channel has grown to include more than just resident evil.

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3) Hannah Hoekstra as Aloy (horizon zero dawn)

Hannah Hoekstra is a Dutch actress who got a breakthrough in the film industry in 2012 when she starred in Hamel. This movie earned her the golden calf award at the Netherlands film festival and was also nominated for the Every Brat award. She has since starred in a variety of movies and television shows. The Dutch developer had looked at hundreds of faces and couldn’t decide which one fit the character that they wanted to make. Then one of the producers sat down to watch TV one day at home after he was sick and coincidentally saw her. It just clicked for him. This was five months before the E3 reveal, and it was kept a secret for almost two years before the reveal (Female Video Game Characters).

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4) Samara Kohne as Ellie (The Last of Us 2)

 Samara Kohne portrays the character Ellie, but Ashley Johnson has voiced the character since 2013. Samara is an actress model and singer who has gained a name for herself over the years. She is well known not only for acting in commercials, advertisements, brand covers, and more. Her face may be familiar to you because it has appeared in commercials for Star Wars, Amazon, Walmart, and many more.

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5) Nisa Gunduz as Dani Rojas (Far Cry 6)

Nisa Gunduz is a Toronto-born Canadian actress, who after graduating decided to pursue her acting career. Among her best-known roles are designated survivor, working mom, and virtuous witch, and she provided the voice and likeness for the female Dani in Far Cry 6. She auditioned for a different role but was offered Dani instead, as she said later in an interview. I guess she did so well that offering her a role less than Dani’s would have been an insult. This is not only true for her as an actress but for her character Dani as well (Female Video Game Characters and Their Face Model).

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6) Emily Bador as Nico (Devil May Cry 5)

When Devil May Cry 5 was revealed, the character Nico stood out right away. This is not only because of her beautiful clothes and tattoos but also because of her distinctive voice and quirky fan personality. Soon after gamers played the game, the most common question was who she was modeled after. Since it was the first Devil May Cry game to model its characters after real people. After a while, it was revealed to be Emily Bador, a British model who rose to fame on Instagram for her body-positive posts. Cosmopolitan, Elle UK, and Allure are among the brands that she’s been featured in. She’s been known to stand up against the industry’s unrealistic model expectations with her pictures and videos (Female Video Game Characters).

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7) Stefanie Joosten as Quiet (Metal gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain)

Stefanie Joosten is a Dutch actress, model, and singer living in Japan. As a result of providing her likeness and voice for quite a metal gs solid 5 phantom pain character, she became extremely popular. This was in 2015. Speaking about how she was cast as the silent but deadly sniper. She said she was so intrigued by Japanese culture that she decided to study Japanese at university. She then visited Japan and got a master’s degree in Tokyo. Additionally, she also got in touch with a casting agency that specialized in western models and decided to stay in Japan after earning a living from modeling.

After a while, she received a phone call to audition for a game. Since she has been gaming for years, she accepted even though she didn’t know which game it was. After meeting Hideo Kojima, she had an idea of what it might be. She got the role after auditions due to her experience with video games and weapons, which the girls didn’t have a clue about. Since the entire audition was about them holding a gun and pretending to act as if they were in a battle of some sort. She moved on to get her face captured in 3D and received professional combat training afterwards.

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8) Melina Juergens as Senua (Senua’s Saga)

 After the professional actress who was meant to play Senua left the project, Ellie took over the development of the game. Ninja theory suggests bringing in another budget. Melina Jordans, who was already taking part in making developer diaries and being part of the behind-the-scenes staff, was asked to try out the motion capture equipment to assist with testing. A script was later given to her so that she could perform a particular scene. Though hesitant at first since he had never acted before and shy as well. She still tried it. She gave such an amazing performance that she was offered the role which she later accepted and fast forward to 2022 (Female Video Game Characters and Their Face Model).

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9) Yvonne Strahovski as Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect franchise)

 Yvonne Strahovski is an Australian popular actress known for her work on Tomorrow’s War, Chuck, and Dexter, and also in the Hulu drama series The Handmaiden’s Tale. Among others, she has received several awards and nominations including the prime time award and the screen actors guild award, and she has won a golden globe. She voiced Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect Galaxy and Mass Effect 3. To many fans, Miranda Lawson was seen as the sex symbol for the Mass Effect franchise. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also strong. And she had so much impact on the character that her surname was changed from Lawson to better suit an Australian accent.

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10) Courtney Hope as Jesse Fadeen (control)

You would have recognized her immediately when you picked up the game if you had been watching The Bold and the Beautiful (Female Video Game Characters and Their Face Model). Courtney Hope is an American actress known for a variety of roles in movies and television shows such as Transparent, the young, and the restless among others. She also portrayed the character Beth Wilder in Quantum Break. You may also recognize her from there. It’s no wonder remedy entertainment wanted to work with her again. This is because she gave an amazing performance in that game and she fit the character that they wanted for control.

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11) Tristin Mays as Panam (Cyberpunk 2077)

 At this point, many gamers knew the reputation that Cyberpunk 2077 had gained for itself. Originally, Italian Lunch had so many bugs and glitches. However, now that they’ve released patch 1.5 they’ve received praise for some of the things they have been able to fix. However, some things still need to be improved. One of the greatest parts of cyberpunk was Panam. Honestly, people were crazy over her outfit, physique, ability, strength, character, and attitude to do whatever she wanted without stopping for anyone else. Panam was truly one of the most enjoyable parts of cyberpunk.

And after it was released, people began to look for which voice actress and which face model she was based on. People couldn’t find anything, but then they saw Tristan Mays. In the 2016 tv series, Macgyver a vampire that was a super girl among a variety of movies and tv shows Christine Mays was spotted having a striking resemblance with Panam from the cyberpunk game. The popular actress tweeted and even posted on Instagram after fans called out to her about this. On Instagram, she elaborated even further about how fans brought up her look alike and how she may have found her favorite video game character. Panam is an amazing character and it’s no surprise Kristen fell in love with her after she also got the game and played it (Female Video Game Characters).

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