Top 5 Best Budget Wireless Mouse in 2023

Wireless mice may also have some advantages over a traditional wired clicker. You don’t get any cable drag which can help with accuracy in fast-paced shooters like Black Ops, and Cold War and they’re also more aesthetically pleasing. Stay away from wires so that you can better manage the cables in your gaming setup. This article will review and analyze the most popular five best budget wireless mouse in 2023.

5) Razer Pro click

With eight fully customizable buttons, the Razer Pro Click is the best wireless mouse on the market. Razer also provides it with a massive 16 000 DPI for the smoothest and fastest experience possible. As well as multi-host connectivity, because it understands your multitasking machine that utilizes multiple devices at the same time. As a modern professional or artist, you do things in style and this mouse has you covered with its stylish and elegant white-on-gray design. It connects wirelessly via a USB receiver that either plugs directly into your computer or into the charging cradle which also serves as a signal extender. The short liftoff distance and low click latency ensure responsive gameplay. You may quickly adjust the mouse without the sensor recognizing movement (Best Budget Wireless Mouse in 2023).

Top 5 Best Budget Wireless Mouse in 2023 1
Image Source: Razer

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Gorgeous design.
Precise ergonomics.
Can connect to multiple devices.


No USB-C port.
Not particularly portable.

4) Logitech MX

 Logitech mice have a lot in common, like dual wireless connectivity. They can also be used wired. In addition, they have hyper-fast scrolling programmable buttons and Logitech flow, allowing you to move your cursor between two computers on the same network. The battery can last up to 70 days on a full charge, and a rapid three-minute amount can carry you through a workday. Despite its small size it’s also pleasant to use the buttons and probably most importantly it is usable on almost any surface including glass (Top 5 Best Budget Wireless Mouse in 2023).

So you won’t need a mouse pad. The regular Universal version connects to Windows, Mac OS, iPad 13.4 or higher, Chrome OS, and Linux computers through Bluetooth or Logitech’s supplied unifying USB dongle. MX for Mac is a Bluetooth-only app tailored for Macs and iPads. Both mice will be available in pale gray soon with the MX also coming in red and graphite.

Top 5 Best Budget Wireless Mouse in 2023 2
Image Source: Logitech

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Highly customizable via software.
Switch between up to 3 devices.
Excellent build and rubberized feel.
Secondary scroll wheel.


Device switching button on the bottom.
Polarizing button feels.
The thumb button is awkwardly placed.

3) Logitech G Pro X superlite

Logitech G Pro X Superlite is a top-quality wireless gaming mouse. The mouse weighs only 59 grams and seems quite well-made and sturdy. It’s a great pick for fans of first-person shooters because of its low-click latency and constant sensor making games seem immediate. It features a comfortable ambidextrous design that both left and right-handed people can use. Although it only has two buttons on the left side. The software allows you to reprogram all buttons and assign a G shift button to the second layer of commands giving you more control. It also boasts high-quality feet that glide across desktops and mouse pads with ease. It comes with a micro USB cable instead of the current USBC standard cable which is disappointing given the price. However, it’s a great choice for a lightweight wireless gaming mouse (Best Budget Wireless Mouse).

Top 5 Best Budget Wireless Mouse in 2023 3
Image Source: Logitech

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USB receiver for storage.
Excellent click latency.
Extremely light.
Excellent build quality.
Fully compatible with macOS and Windows.


Too large for small hands using a fingertip grip.


2) Razer Naga Pro

Razer Naga Pro is the best and most versatile wireless gaming mouse available. It offers three interchangeable side panels with varied button combinations, making it a suitable wireless choice for lovers of various game genres. It’s well made and comfortable in a palm or claw grip for medium-to-large hands. It connects to a USB receiver wirelessly and the click latency is impressive. Depending on the game you’re playing, you may choose between a 2, 6, or 12-button layout. And all of the buttons can be reprogrammed using Razer Synapse 3.

A hypershift button can also be assigned to provide a second layer of commands for even more customizable inputs. During rapid mouse movements, the sensor tends to undershoot the configured CPI. Furthermore, it may be challenging to reach the more forward buttons with small hands because it is a big mouse. It’s a viable alternative for consumers searching for a wireless option that’s both adaptable and affordable (Best Budget Wireless Mouse 2023).

Image Source: Razer

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Modular side plates are easy to switch and customize.
Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless.
Strong sensor.
Great battery life.


Flat shape.
Wireless charging is only available with an optional dock.
Very expensive.


1) Razer Viper Ultimate

The Razer Viper Ultimate is the best wireless gaming mouse. This compact and lightweight alternative is well made and features an ambidextrous design with two buttons on each side, making it appropriate for both left and right-handed users. It also works well with a fingertip grip for almost all hand sizes because of its low back and short body. The device connects wirelessly to your computer via a USB receiver that plugs either directly into your computer or the charging cradle. This receiver serves as a signal extender (Best Budget Wireless Mouse).

It boasts a short liftoff distance and Great Click latency for responsive gameplay. You may quickly adjust the mouse without the sensor recognizing movement. Its high-quality feet give a smooth glide experience on discs and mouse pads while Razer Synapse 3 allows you to modify RGB settings and reprogram buttons. The left and right mouse buttons rattle when pressed down, and the companion software isn’t available on Mac OS. However, you may use your preferences on machines that don’t have the software installed. Because it has onboard memory. Overall it’s a fantastic wireless gaming mouse that ranks highly.

Image Source: Razer

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Comfortable ambidextrous design.
No-compromise RF wireless connection.
Wireless charging is convenient and looks sharp.


A bit expensive for the complete package.

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