Top 5 Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series X in 2022

It is every Xbox lover’s dream to have the most powerful gaming monitor that provides him with everything. From resolution to other features, gaming monitors are designed specifically for gaming. They are geared not only toward higher resolution, but more importantly, high refresh rates, allowing your Xbox series X to show off its full 4k 120 HD capabilities. You don’t need to worry and spend hundreds of dollars to have a fantastic gaming experience. You can enjoy your games to the fullest extent with bright gaming monitors. So do you want to know the most suitable gaming monitors for the Xbox series? Today we are here to tell you about the best gaming monitors for Xbox series X.

1) DELL S2721QS

Some gaming monitors will break your bank account. But DELL’s S2721 QS will not only save you money, but it will also enhance the 4K capabilities of the Xbox series X (Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox). It is available in both 27 and 32-inch models. It features an IPS panel that allows for wide viewing angles and features a strong response time while supporting VRR. The variable refresh rate reduces screen tearing in-game. If we look up the price and at its current price, the DELL S2721 QS is still a top-of-the-line 4k gaming monitor. It does what it’s supposed to do. Technically, a budget-level 4k monitor that gives you next-generation gaming in 4k, which is all the rage these days among console gamers.

Top 5 Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series X in 2022 1
Image Source: Dell

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Accurate, bright image.
Slim bezels.
Useful Productivity Features.


Low-impact HDR support.
Clunky OSD.


2) Acer nitro XV 282k

Those who want a top-quality gaming monitor should get ready to start shelling out some cash. This is because the Acer Nitro XB282k monitor might be the most powerful Xbox series X monitor out on the market. The Nitro comes in at 28 inches, the largest screen size to hit for gaming monitors. With a 4K resolution and 120 HD display, the Xbox series X performs at its full potential. It features AMD Radeon technology and uses it to determine the game’s frame rate. This will give you fast and smooth gameplay throughout, and avoid any screen tearing while in the game.

It features two HDMI 2.1 ports that will allow you to use your Xbox series X and your desktop PC at full 4k resolution. It is the perfect monitor for next-gen gaming.

Top 5 Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series X in 2022 2
Image Source: Acer

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The games look great.
Low input lag.
Two HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K/120fps gaming.


Very expensive.
Low contrast ratio.


3) Gigabyte Aorus fv43u

If you are looking for the right gaming monitor for an RPG or adventure game the gigabyte AORUS FV43U is the final product. This monitor is as close to a new TV as one can get, or it even works as the bridge between gaming TV and gaming monitors. It is a 43 inches gaming monitor and won’t fit on a lot of normal gaming desks or setups. Its size will make your Microsoft Xbox series X (Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox) top-notch, even though the display itself isn’t anything particularly special. It features 4k resolution at a display of 120 HD and a refresh rate with a pair of HDMI 2.1 ports featuring HD 1000 support. All of it is supported by VRR in a low latency mode. Its impressive size is perfect for gaming.

Top 5 Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series X in 2022 3
Image Source: Gigabyte

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Class-leading contrast.
Huge color gamut.
Accurate the box.
Excellent HDR.
Solid gaming performance.


No 24p support.
No Dolby Vision.


This LG C1 OLED monitor is the most suitable gaming monitor for the Xbox series X (Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox). LG’s led monitors are well known for their exceptional features. It has a variable refresh rate mode and 4k resolution with a latency mode included. The LG cone OLED also features Nvidia G-Sync, a useful feature when used with several devices. The LG C1 OLED is available in 48 to 83 inches screen sizes. The high frame rates of 120 fps and incorporation of varied refresh rates curve screen tearing issues, allowing a smooth flow when gaming. The LG C1 OLED also provides a faster response time with no lag effects for a better gaming experience.

Image Source: LG

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Better picture quality than any non-OLED TV.
The superior contrast and off-angle images.
Best-in-Class Gaming Features.
Attractive styling with ultrathin panels.



5) Viewsonic VX3211 4K MHD

Freesync features curved screen tearing giving gamers a full gaming experience. Its ADM one contrast ratio adds depth to images and graphics. Through the picture and picture feature, the user can operate with multiple contents, increasing efficiency. The ViewSonic VX 3211 is a monitor with built speakers, each with 2.5 watts, adding multimedia flavor to its immense performance. The refresh rate of this monitor is 60 FPS. This monitor supports 4K resolution over HDMI and DisplayPort.

Image Source: Viewsonic

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Sharp screen, and good overall performance.
Accessible connectivity options.
Picture-in-picture mode.
HDR10 support.


No remote, fantasy controls.
A poor sound quality.


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