Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Pads in 2022

Are you looking for the best gaming mouse pad? We will look at some of the best gaming mouse pads on the market.

1) Razer Goliathus extended

Razer’s Goliathus 36.2 x 11.6-inch gaming mat has a thin border of customizable RGB lighting to surround both your keyboard and mouse. It’s powered by razer chroma software and includes a dizzying number of colors (16.8 million to be exact) plus tons of animated effects. So you can set it to perfectly match your rig. It can even be synchronized with a select list of games and apps to provide immersive, responsive lighting effects along with the action.

The pad surface is covered in micro-textured cloth to allow for precise tracking. No matter what kind of mouse you’re using. The underside has a layer of a grippy rubber to prevent sliding. So everything stays where it’s supposed to. Razer also sells mice and keyboards with chroma software. If you want to make your setup even more coordinated (Best Gaming Mouse Pads).

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Pads in 2022 1
Image Source: Razer

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Excellent quality of the material.
very good performance.
very comfortable.
It is amazing from an aesthetic point of view.
Light on a flexible mat.
Very strong hold on the table.


It does not have a USB passthrough.
Only one lighting zone.


2) Hyperx fury S

The furious mouse pad from Hyperx is available in different sizes and color options. You can also choose between different types of surfaces. One is optimized for speed and the other for precision. We’ve chosen the xl version, 35.4 x 16.5 inches, in the speed edition which means it’s covered in a densely woven cloth that’s designed to be as low friction as possible. If you’re all about quick reflexes then the furious mouse pad certainly won’t slow you down. It works best with optical mice like some of the other mouse pads on this list. The furious speed edition has stitched edges to prevent fraying and a non-slip rubber backing to hold it in place on your gaining surface. It’s about 0.16 inches thick which is thicker than many options on this list.

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Pads in 2022 2
Image Source: HyperX

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Stitched edges.
Same size as my Steel Series Qck+ mouse pad.
Heavy enough to move while playing FPS games.


Doesn't lie completely flat when you take it out of the box.


3) Razer Gigantus v2

When buying a budget mouse pad (Best Gaming Mouse Pads), you want to feel like you’re getting the finest quality possible for a lower price and not buying a cheap imitation. The Razer Gigantus v2 retails at $30 for the XXL version but still feels like it was made with a high amount of care and quality.

The Gigantus v2 measures 37x 10.83 inches and has a thickness of 0.15 inches which is comfortable under your arms. The textured microwave surface has the right balance between grip and slide for your mouse ensuring accuracy. The rubber and tie-down base holds everything in place. The mouse pad has a simple black-and-green look. However, the Razer website allows you to pick a design you like, and even add your gamer tag for fun. There is no stitched edging. So there is the possibility of fraying. But this is a well-made mouse pad that’s worth the money.

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Pads in 2022 3
Image Source: Razer

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Friggin' giant.
Subtle style.
Dense rubber base.
Low Price.


No stitching on the edges.


4) Asus ROG sheath extended

This mouse pad from Asus is a bit larger than most of the options on this list, measuring 35.4 x 17.3 inches and about 0.12 inches thick. But it’s all about precision. The woven surface is specially designed for precise mouse tracking and minimal friction. Even the stitched borders have been kept as low profile as possible to prevent that bumper car effect if your mouse gets too close to the edge. That stitching also guards against fraying.

The rog sheath has undergone lots of durability testing to ensure that the pad’s surface will hold up under repeated swipes of your mouse. It’s also temperature resistant up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to withstand even the hottest computer. The one downside is that it is lightweight enough that it can slide around a bit if you have a smooth desk surface. It has a rubber backing to cut down on this kind of movement.

Image Source: Asus

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Glide perfectly.
Good value for money.
Pleasant RGB.
The sewing is well done.


It doesn't lay flat because of the stitching.
Roll-ups are hard to undo.
Poor quality.
A bad smell is coming.

5) Steel series QcK prism XL

The steel series QcK prism XL is our runner-up for the most popular overall. But it was a very close call, given this mat has so many solid features at a reasonable price. While the size of 35.4 x 11.8 inches, is about an inch narrower than many of the other pads (Best Gaming Mouse Pads) on our list this. The mouse pad is spacious enough to fit all of your peripherals.

There are also different sizes if you like the mouse pad but want to get even more spacious. All of the pads have a micro woven cloth top to ensure you have complete control in both high and low DPI setups. Movement feels smooth and accurate as you play games. Some people may find RGB distracting during games, but you can set up the two-zone RGB dynamic illumination to provide you with relevant in-game information such as damage ammo capacity and more.

Image Source: SteelSeries

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The Prism mouse pad has RGB lighting built-in, so it can match the rest of your gaming setup.
Large in size, you can fit your mouse, keyboard, and even your monitor on the 3XL Prism Mouse Pad.
The Prism mouse pad has an anti-slip bottom, so the mouse pad is always in place.


To set up built-in RGB lighting,
you need external SteelSeries software.

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