Top 5 Best PC Gaming Controllers in 2022

PC controller is a precious piece of kit for PC gamers with varied tastes. Some games are just better suited to a controller. The finest gaming controllers even allow you to lean back from the desk and relax into a chilled gaming session. Instead of hunching over the keyboard. You don’t need to worry and spend hundreds of dollars to have a fantastic gaming experience. With the right PC controller for gaming, you will be able to truly enjoy your game to the fullest. Do you want to know the most effective controller for PC gaming? Today we are here to tell you about the top 5 best PC gaming controllers.

1) Sony dual sense wireless controller

The PlayStation 5 has dual senses, as you have to touch it to believe in its quality. A huge thanks to its upgraded haptic motors and adaptive triggers. Which can offer resistance under your finger. It weighs 0.46 pounds, 210 g, the connectivity type of this controller is USB type C and Bluetooth. It features a touchpad and haptic triggers. This controller has a lithium-ion battery that can work up to six to twelve hours. The bad news is that the most advanced dual-sense features don’t work in PC games yet. Since games will need to be programmed to take advantage of them. But Steam already offers full support for the controller. So it’s at least a breeze to plug in and use like any other pad. It is the most impressive PC controller (Best PC Gaming Controllers) around.

Image Source: Sony

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Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are a revelation.
Solid and comfortable to hold.
The built-in microphone is an excellent addition.
Attractive design.


Battery life could be better.
Mic quality is passable, but no headset replacement.


2) PowerA spectra infinity enhanced

It weighs 0.99 pounds, has a micro USB connection, and comes with features such as led edge lighting, and three-way trigger locks. The Power Spectra infinity-enhanced wired controller is an improved version of the Power Spectra enhanced. The latest version has more similarities to the Xbox series X/S controller with notably more bright lights. As a controller, it has a smooth button feel and matches the Xbox Series X. It has a reasonable price and improved lighting over the previous model. It is the most reliable budget PC controller. The edge lighting gives the spectra some personality and the three-way trigger locks are convenient for competitive shooters too. The spectra would have scored higher but the lack of any wireless connectivity is a big letdown in the days of untethered gaming.

Image Source: PowerA

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Solid build quality.
It feels almost identical to the first-party Xbox gamepad.
Flashy light show.
Programmable rear button.


Lacks a dedicated app.
Weird lighting customization.


3) Xbox wireless controller

The original Xbox one wireless controller was a staple for PC gaming, with the release of the Xbox series S/X controller. Everyone was curious to see how Xbox improved on an already killer gamepad. It weighs 0.62 pounds. Connectivity features include Xbox wireless, a textured grip, a share button, a hybrid D-pad, and Bluetooth. It is powered by two AA batteries. Xbox wireless controller (Best PC Gaming Controllers) has a very comfortable overall design with textured rubber grips. It is affordable, comfortable to use, and the most reliable game controller to use. It is officially supported by most games and now, it has introduced us to a much-requested button in the center of the controller. A share button that now lets you capture screenshots and gameplay footage without diving too much into the menus.

Image Source: Microsoft

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Premium feel.
Works on a range of devices.
Better texture and geometry.
Impulse trigger sounds really cool.


The share button can be awkward.
Not rechargeable without add-ons.


4) scuff instinct pro

Scuff doesn’t mess around with its controllers. And the instinct pro is the absolute finest controller. It weighs 0.62 pounds. The connectivity for this PC controller is USB type-C, Xbox wireless, and Bluetooth. It features a changeable thumbstick, removable faceplates, and paddle switches and has a battery of 2xAA. It is through a fantastic controller that feels comfortable in the hand and is as responsive as you could wish but it is just painfully pricey.

Image Source: Scuff

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Incredibly comfortable.
Highly customizable.
Strong build quality.
Fun to use.


Heavier than a normal controller.


5) Xbox elite wireless controller series two

It is the most reliable wireless gaming controller (Best PC Gaming Controllers). It weighs 0.76 pounds. The device is connected via USB type C. It has Bluetooth and 2.4 gigahertz features, three-step trigger modes, and replaceable thumbstick paddle switches. It has an internal rechargeable battery that can work up to 40 hours. There is nothing less than luxury about the series 2 screens. The nearly endless customization options give you an unparalleled level of control over your gameplay.

Image Source: Microsoft

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Interchangeable sticks.
Comfortable rubberized grip.
Short hair with trigger locks.
More customization options.
Wireless charging.
Rechargeable (40 hours battery life).


Some may find it unsightly.

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