Top 5 Cancelled PUBG Versions

You must have played many versions of PUBG Mobile. But today I will tell you about some Cancelled PUBG Versions. They were never launched and little is known about them.

1) PUBG Mobile Marching

Another name for this version is PUBG Army Attack Android, which very few people know. PUBG Mobile Timi was canceled by Tencent Games. After this, many gamers urged the Tencent Company to re-launch PUBG Mobile Timi. And gamers issued a petition demanding PUBG Mobile Timi, out of which around 20,000 had signed in. After that, the developers launched PUBG Mobile Timi in the name of ‘PUBG Mobile Marching’. PUBG Mobile Marching was much better than PUBG Global. The graphics, physics, mechanics, texture, and character movement of this game were like PUBG PC. PUBG Mobile: Marching became very popular. Later, though, it became embroiled in controversy. And due to this game, the sale of PUBG PC started decreasing. That’s why the company canceled this game (Cancelled PUBG Versions).

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2) PUBG India

In September 2020, PUBG Mobile was banned in India. Then Krafton Games was developing a fully customized Indian version of PUBG Mobile like ‘Game of Peace’ through Tencent Games. Different updates, such as PUBG Global, will become available in this version as they do in PUBG Chinese. PUBG India was planned to be a more optimized version than PUBG Global. It was designed to be exactly like ‘Game of Peace’, with different features like Global. But due to unknown reasons, PUBG India was canceled at the time of development. In its place, BGMI was launched which is exactly like PUBG Global.

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3) PUBG Timi

Krafton games had given the PUBG PC files to Tencent Games to develop PUBG Mobile. Tencent Games gave this work to its two studios, ‘Light Speed ​​and Quantum Studio’ and ‘Timi Studio’. ‘Light Speed ​​and Quantum Studio’ developed PUBG Global and Timi Studio developed PUBG Timi. PUBG Timi was much better than PUBG Global. The beta version of PUBG Timi was launched before the launch of PUBG Global. The game then became embroiled in a lot of controversies, and many streamers started bashing PUBG Timi. PUBG Timi was later canceled (Cancelled PUBG Versions) by the company due to a possible problem with the sale of PUBG PC.

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4) BGMI Lite

After PUBG Mobile was banned in India, people expected that BGMI Lite would be launched which would be the Indian alternative to PUBG Mobile Lite. It was also planned by Krafton games. Also, there had been a lot of hints from the company, such as two-three surveys done by BGMI to test the capability of BGMI Lite on their Discord server. This proves that Krafton Games were equally interested. But perhaps the company did not see profit in BGMI Lite, and for several months the company has given an update about BGMI Lite. It has been reported that BGMI Lite has been canceled midway, and the company is now working on its next project.

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5) PUBG 2

This game has only been mentioned in rumors so far. But no official news came. It has been rumored for a while that an improved and upgraded version of PUBG is being developed, which will be called PUBG 2. And PUBG 2 will be released later this year. Many articles were also published on many sites regarding this. It has been a long time since there has been an update about PUBG 2. Maybe it was just a rumor. There is no information about whether any such game is underdeveloped or not. Perhaps the game was canceled (Cancelled PUBG Versions) after the launch of ‘PUBG New State’.

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