Top 5 High Graphics MULTIPLAYER Games for Android & iOS 2023

There’s something about playing with strangers over the Internet because beating the AI is one thing while winning against a friend or a stranger is way more fun. My topic today is the top 5 high graphics multiplayer games where you can beat anyone.

1) T3 Arena

T3 Arena is an all-new 3v3 hero shooter game where you can team up with your friends and jump into the arena anywhere and anytime. The game features seven different modes from Team Deathmatch to Clash where you will fight with other players on sci-fi maps. Besides that, the game offers many unique heroes to choose from and each of them has its abilities. One of the most interesting things about this game is its outstanding graphics. Also, voice chat is available in the game, which makes gamers stand out.

Top 5 High Graphics MULTIPLAYER Games for Android & iOS 2023 1
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2) Arena Breakout

This is one of the newest mobile shooter games. The game is currently in beta testing. In this upcoming tactical shooter game, you will drop at one point on the map and have to get to the extraction point. In the game, you’ll have to try and take care of many things other than just killing other players. You have to eat some food and try to survive until extraction. All in all the game has highly detailed graphics, and the gun shooting mechanism is also very enjoyable. The game is currently available in the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand (High Graphics MULTIPLAYER Games).

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3) The Undisputables

The game is a competitive multiplayer TPS shooter with 3D cartoon graphics. In the game, you can choose from different characters and tons of different weapons of different classes. The game features many picturesque maps from forest to snow where you will fight with other players in team death. You can use sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and various guns in your fights, making the game more enjoyable. However, there is no voice chat in the game. There’s also no invitation system but the game is beautiful visually and has solid controls.

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4) Rogue company

After the successful launch on PC and console, the Rogue Company is now releasing on mobile. This one is a purely team-based shooter game in which you have to choose a hero for battles according to the requirements of the team. The game limits the skills and weapons of the heroes. Currently, two modes are available. The destruction mode is the classic bomb setting, while strike mode allows the player to hold points. In strike mode, players can respawn a limited number of times. Most of the things in the mobile version are very similar to the PC version. Therefore, if you happen to be looking for a shooter game, Rogue Company is worth its face on anyone’s hard drive (High Graphics MULTIPLAYER Games).

Top 5 High Graphics MULTIPLAYER Games for Android & iOS 2023 2
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5) Battlefield

After the Beta release of Battlefield, a lot of people have tried this game, and people like the battlefield series. The game includes four different modes where you can take part in different PVP matches such as 16 vs 16 and 8 vs 8. Just like Battlefield PC, the game also boasts large maps where you can find enemies and capture other bases. Besides that, there are many weapons and vehicle options in the game. You can use a rocket launcher a tank or even a helicopter for transportation. Currently, the game is still in the beta phase. You might see more improvements in the gameplay and graphics department in the final version.

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6) Rainbow Six mobile

UBISOFT has launched Rainbow Six on mobile. The game is very similar to the PC version, where you can find other players using different tactics. The game features various modern tech weapons like drone jammers and a camera that you can use on enemies to find their location. Also, the action and destruction of this game take your gaming experience to a new level. The game also features different modes with many beautiful maps where you can participate with other players. People enjoy this game a lot. It’s a Next Level FPS game with some high-tech features and the graphics of the game are outstanding (High Graphics MULTIPLAYER Games).

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