Top 5 Worst Video Games of Android & iOS 2023

2022 was a great year for mobile gaming but some games messed up. Today I am talking about five disappointing mobile games in 2022 (Worst Video Games of Android).

1) Rules of survival 2.0

Do you remember the first installment which was a remake of PUBG? At the time, we did not have a mobile version. It was a cool game at the time. But after PUBG mobile and Free Fire were released, the survival rules couldn’t survive. Anyway, almost five years later, ladies bring back their franchise with Next Gen update 2.0. Unfortunately, everything about the game is disappointing. Gamers spent many hours trying to find a match but got nothing.

The UI is decent but the gameplay sucks. FPS drops every time even on the low setting and the controls are not responsive. And it’s not even battle royale. Rules of survival are back from nowhere but the game is buggy and the content doesn’t make any sense. Netease games are now a complete disappointment. They create visually appealing games, but they lack originality. Whenever they copy another game concept, they just drop it in the crash (Worst Video Games of Android).

Top 5 Worst Video Games of Android & iOS 2023 1
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2) Project Winter mobile

The game is an action and adventure game inspired by Among Us, which takes place in the cold of a wasteland. The game has great graphics but there is something that is messed up and it’s the server. When it was released, this game was a hit. But now if you want to play it you can’t. You simply can’t enter the game because there are no active players. All the rooms are empty and if you create one by yourself, no one is there. When people install it, they try to play it for a bit, then uninstall it and move on.

Top 5 Worst Video Games of Android & iOS 2023 2
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3) Mortal Kombat Onslaught

It’s a brand-new game from Wonder Bros International. Mortal Kombat was the most terrible fighting game with insane levels of fatality. This is one of the most popular PC or console games, and they have a mobile version that is kind of cool and aims to provide the highest quality. But in this upcoming game, they try to convert the franchise into a strategy game, which is a positive thing.

If you want to try something completely different, but they’re messed up. With this game, you will experience all the classic blood and gore but you’ll also discover something completely original. Although this installment of The Saga features team-based strategy RPG mechanics, it’s not a typical or tank-based RPG. It’s an ideal role-playing game meaning that you can observe your characters as they play independently. And the combat moves slowly but it is more of an idle game than an action game and this sucks (Worst Video Games of Android).

Top 5 Worst Video Games of Android & iOS 2023 3
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4) Noah’s heart

It looks outstanding. So you download it and then you realize you are not enjoying it that much. Everyone was so excited about the game and then it came with crazy bugs and server logging issues. There have been some complaints from gamers that after the recent update, they have been unable to log in due to some glitches. When they cried to fix this, they lost their game data, which is painful. It feels like a combination of Dragon Raja and Black Desert Mobile. The story feels rushed and difficult to follow and the voice acting sucks and cuts off before it can finish. Overall, the game has so many issues that need to be fixed.

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5) Nikke: the goddess of victory

It’s an action-packed RPG where you control a group of warriors whose mission is to travel around a vast universe, defeating evil. Nikke is a very famous franchise in Japan and China. That’s why it gets positive reviews and has many players. There are tons of games like these but what makes the game different is that it has sexy anime girls in hot dresses. There is nothing special about the game. It’s just an attention seeker. No good content no promising story just sit tight and shoot your enemy. It looks like a game from 2012, but it was released in 2022 (Worst Video Games of Android).

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