Top 6 Best Gaming Tablets in 2022

The fun of playing games on the big screen is something else, Today we are going to tell you about some such gaming tablets, in which you can play games like PUBG in a very good way! In this, you will not have to face any kind of hanging or lag problem. You must have always played the game on your mobile, and played the game on your computer, but you can enjoy some different fun playing games on the tablet. if you’re looking for buying a modern tablet then check out our top 6 picks for the best gaming tablets on the market.

1) iPad air

Apple integrated the powerful M1 chip into their latest model of iPad air (Best Gaming Tablets) which makes it almost as strong as the iPad pro. With the power of the upgraded M1 chip, this tablet can deliver significantly better performance when it comes to graphics-intensive work. Other than the chip itself the M1 version of iPad Air has a few other changes that are worth noticing. They have changed the 7-megapixel camera to a 12-megapixel ultrawide, and the USB-C connector is now even faster than the previous version. Also, the iPad Air M1 now supports 5G. So online activities such as streaming, face timing, and browsing will be more fun with a super fast 5G connection. In addition to that, it comes in five different colors-purple, pink, blue, starlight, and gray. So based on your preference you can choose any color you want.

Top 6 Best Gaming Tablets in 2022 1
Image Source: Apple

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slim and sleek design.
High-end battery life.
High-end performance M1 chip-enabled.
Bright and colorful display.


Slightly more expensive than its competition.
Voice is thin.
No headphone jack.
No charger.

2) Huawei mate pad pro

Being productive has never been this rich as it is with the Huawei Mate Pad Pro. This 11-inch slim tablet has a very sleek and premium look. The OLED display comes with a 120-hertz refresh rate for a smooth and accurate visual experience. Additionally, the powerful 8-core chip within this tab is capable of handling highly demanding tasks. For 3D modeling and illustration, the Huawei M pencil is always there to let your creativity fly whenever and however you wish.

Top 6 Best Gaming Tablets in 2022 2
Image Source: Huawei

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Nice and comfortable construction.
Bright and sharp (120Hz) IPS LCD panel.
Good Battery Life.
Plays well with keyboards, mice, and accessories like Huawei's M-Pencil.
Impeccable sound quality and clarity.
HarmonyOS feels familiar and adds some neat features.
Uses the standard microSD card slot.


While nice, HarmonyOS still has a long way to go when it comes to app diversity.
No fingerprint reader or face unlock.
Any 3.5mm jack (adapter provided).
AppGallery has full-screen ads, but can't get rid of app suggestions on the home screen.
Limited functionality of the multi-screen collaboration feature.

3) Samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra

With a large display and sleek design, this Samsung tablet (Best Gaming Tablets) managed to steal the attention of many tech enthusiasts. The 14.6-inch display on this tablet has a refresh rate of 120 hertz, with smooth and accurate touch response. In addition, the S8 ultra is powered by a snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor, making it significantly more powerful than most tablets. Aluminum is used in the design of the body. As a result, this super slim tablet will fit into your backpack just fine. It also comes with a dual 12-megapixel front camera, one ultra-wide and the other capable of taking wide-angle photos. Both cameras also include auto-frame technology. So the camera will always be at your focus even when you’re moving. Lastly, with the support of Luma Fusion, users can edit videos just like Pros without any hassle.

Top 6 Best Gaming Tablets in 2022 3
Image Source: Samsung

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Gorgeous, Wide OLED Screen.
Android 12. skilled in multitasking.
Long-term update support.
S Pen is included.
dual front-facing cameras.


Very expensive.
Big enough to be carried around more easily than a tablet.
Updates are only guaranteed quarterly.
Android still lacks a strong selection of tablet-optimized apps.


4) Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

Whether you’re working or entertaining yourself having an AMOLED screen on a tablet feels satisfying. This 12.6-inch Android 11 tablet is equipped with Dolby vision technology, along with a 2560 * 1600 resolution. On the other hand, the user experience is top-notch with a snapdragon 870 octa-core processor when it comes to productivity. P12 Pro also comes with a detachable keyboard. So you can always take advantage of a two-in-one design and use it as your primary laptop. AMOLED displays look cool.

Image Source: Lenovo

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Sleek design with aluminum body.
2K resolution display.
High-end battery life that lasts up to a day on a single charge.
Equally beneficial for entertainment, gaming, and productivity.
Dedicated microSD card slot.
Superb performance.


A bit expensive.
Accessories are not included in the box.
Average camera performance.
5G is only available in select markets.

5) Microsoft surface pro 8

It is a modern tablet (Best Gaming Tablets) that runs on Windows, and it is excellent value for money for sure. This tab is powered by an 11 gen Intel core i7 processor and LPDDR4 ram which can be upgraded up to 32 GB at max. The 13-inch display has a very thin bezel giving it a stylish and premium look. Additionally, the pixels panel on this display has a 2880 *1920 resolution and 120-hertz refresh rate, which produces fluent and vibrant colors. Lastly, the surface slim pen 2 on this tablet is surprisingly accurate when it comes to drawing and taking notes.

Image Source: Microsoft

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Fast processor.
Very stylish and modern design.
Big show.
Thunderbolt 4.


Too expensive.
No more USB Type-A.
Type covers are still sold separately.


6) ASUS Vivobook 13 slate

Now, if you’re looking for tabs with an OLED display, check out this two-in-one design tab that runs on the Windows 11 operating system. So users can use it as a tablet or laptop in both ways. The 13.3-inch OLED display comes with Dolby Vision, which produces rich and vivid colors. So whether you use it for work or entertainment, the color accuracy on this device looks incredible.

Image Source: Asus

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Superb performance.
Great battery life.
Full functional windows 11.


Windows 11 tablet is not optimized.
Heavy design.

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