Bill Gates shares management plan for 'world's deadliest animal'

On August 15, Bill Gates shared a plan to beat mosquitoes

He wrote on his blog about a building in Medellin, Colombia, where scientists are breeding "millions and millions" of mosquitoes

He said scientists are feeding the mosquitoes a "generous helping" of fish meal, sugar, and blood

According to him, the breeding of mosquitoes may seem strange, but in fact, these insects are helping to save and improve the lives of millions

He shared a video of Scott O'Neill, founder, and director of the World Mosquito Program

According to O'Neill, farm-raised mosquitoes pass the bacteria on by mating with wild mosquitoes

Gates said the Aedes aegypti mosquito transmits the dengue virus, which infects more than 400 million people and kills 20,000 each year