Female genital mutilation: 'RHOdubai' star Chanel Ayaan reveals he was circumcised at the age of 5

In an episode of the Real Housewives of Dubai channel, Ayan made a big disclosure about her past.

Chanel revealed that she and her elder sister were circumcised as young children, which their family was not aware of

When she was only 5 years old, her aunt and her grandmother took her for a walk in another city

They were brought to a house and a man tied them to a bed and circumcised them

When she needed to pee, he would take them and put them on the grass

While the model has previously spoken about her painful upbringing, her father even tried to sell her off for marriage at the age of 14

Her father had once tied her to a tree in the rain why she did not want to get married

After this, her vaginal area was closed, and she had to be medically circumcised