Hugging Jesus in heaven: Aubrey O'Day responds after Photoshop Controversy

Aubrey O'Day responded to the allegations made about photoshopping herself into various photos with a post she shared on her Instagram account

The 38-year-old artist shared some photos, which were edited so that he can enter the gates of heaven and embrace Jesus

Instead of feeling embarrassed and deleting his photos, O'Day took his actions even further

This time she is sharing a photo of herself wearing a thong bikini with Jesus Christ at the Pearl Gates

"Took the PJ to Heaven in the last 24, wanted to share with y'all how beautiful it was," She said

"Not that I need to explain myself, but I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and have been traveling the world since I was seven.

If I want my Instagram to be curated like a museum of ART then that’s what the f*ck is going to happen."She added