Northern Lights Forecast: The aurora borealis may be visible in parts of the US due to solar storms.

The Atlantic tropics may be calm, but major storms are looming over the Sun, and at least some parts of the northern United States will see the northern lights this week.

NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center issued a geomagnetic-storm warning that the Sun could remain excited for the next few days.

The northern lights - the aurora borealis - are ignited by the interaction of the CME and Earth's magnetosphere.

If they do, when can the lights be visible?

However, it has many disadvantages. But it is not clear when CMEs will hit Earth and how strong they will be, or what effects they will have.

Should we vacate that place?

No, the strongest storm, G5s, can disrupt power supply and communication networks, as during a hurricane in March 1989

Which knocked down a Canadian transformer and left six million people in the dark for nine hours.

In October 2003, another G5 storm caused blackouts in Sweden and South Africa.

Experts say that more of these eruptions are expected in the coming months.