'House of the Dragon' star Emily Carey deleted Twitter over criticism from fans

British actress Emily Carey, 19, who starred in "House of the Dragon"

She deleted her Twitter account after speaking out about "humanizing" her villainous character

The controversy began when Carey was at Comic-Con in San Diego to promote "House of the Dragon"

Carey plays the childhood of Alicent Hightower, who fights for the succession with her childhood friend Rahanera Targaryen.

At Comic-Con, Carey commented about portraying the character herself

“There were some gaps that we had to fill, so to figure it all out I sort of started journaling, and … managed to come up with some form of backstory, and it proved to be very useful,”Carey said

“I’ve never had the freedom to create a whole human being like this before. So it was so much fun being able to go so in depth with her.”

“There are so many layers to her. I think lots of people are already expecting her to be the villain of the show, but I think bringing her in younger, there was a lot more to explore,”she said

But those comments attracted fans of Rhaenyra, who filled Carey's Twitter feed with negative comments

Carey was accused of not adequately understanding the book "Fire and Blood" by George R.R. Martin

After this, she deleted his Twitter

"But I will say I did delete Twitter because it's just so loud," she said