Rachel Boston talks about portraying mom for the first time

Rachel Boston is a famous American actress and producer. He has worked in many blockbuster films.

In January 2022, Boston and her husband Toya Ashe gave birth to a baby girl, Grace. She is their first child.

Grace is now 8 months old. She used to visit her mother on the set of the Hallmark Channel project "Dating the Delaney".

Boston told People that there has always been a special connection between how she is as a parent in real life and how she is on screen.

Before "Dating the Delaney," she was on the SEAL team show. She was pregnant before becoming pregnant in real life on the show.

However, it was an enlightening experience for her to play the mother for the first time since she became pregnant on that show.

Boston says she's excited to continue sharing motherhood stories, both real and reel.