Roy Scheider is back! With two new movies

Steven Spielberg's Jaws, two-time Academy Award nominee Roy Scheider, has created excitement among movie fans with the news of his re-release in RealD 3D and IMAX.

Global distributor MovieFarm announced that Scheider's last film, "Beautiful Blue Eyes," will also be shown exclusively in 431 regal theaters across the US starting September 9.

The story is about an NYPD soldier who is searching for the killer of his family during WWII.

When he learns that the Nazis are to blame, he avenges the family's death with his son.

Three days before his death, Scheider asked director Newton to change the name of the film to Beautiful Blue Eyes (formerly Iron Cross), which Newton did in Scheider's honor.

Sadly, Scheider never saw it, as he passed away in 2008 after battling multiple myeloma (a rare blood cancer).

When Scheider died in 2008, the film was unfinished. Some shots had to be abandoned due to camera malfunction.

But now, AI technology has repaired the damaged frame, allowing Newton to release the film.