'The Flash' actor Ezra Miller was arrested in Hawaii. What happened with him?

Currently, Ezra Miller is in the news as he has been charged with a felony.

According to reports, several bottles of liquor went missing from a residence in Uhan when the residents were not at home

After watching the surveillance video, the police came to know that this actor has done all this

Ezra Miller apologizes for his behavior and says that he suffers from mental problems

He was arrested twice in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment

He was also accused of strangling a woman in an Icelandic bar

He said that recently he has been battling complex mental health problems and has started treatment for it.

Ezra Miller has been a part of films like Fantastic Beasts 3

He has played The Flash in the 2017 Justice League. His film The Flash will release in June 2023.