'Thor' actor Chris Hemsworth funded to bring the Tasmanian tiger back from extinction

Scientists in Australia and the US have launched an ambitious multi-million dollar project to bring back the Tasmanian tiger.

The effort is led by scientist George Church, entrepreneur Ben Lam and Colossal Biosciences ( a genetic engineering and de-extinction company).

The research will be carried out at the University of Melbourne's Thylacine Integrated Genetic Restoration Research Lab

'Thor' film fame actor Chris Hemsworth and his brothers Liam and Luke Hemsworth are funding the project

This animal is also known as Tasmanian Wolfhound. The Tasmanian tiger was a carnivorous animal that lived in Australia and the neighboring islands of New Guinea and Tasmania

These animals were named the Tasmanian tiger because of their striped back and the name Tasmanian wolf

The Tasmanian tiger lived until the 1920s. The last Tasmanian tiger was shot by a farmer in 1930

Can we bring back the extinct Tasmanian tigers? According to scientists, the answer is yes