What Went Wrong with Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster?

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, you may have heard about the trouble surrounding the sale of tickets for her Eras Tour. Many Swifties faced disappointment as tickets sold out quickly and technical issues plagued the Ticketmaster platform. In this article, we will discuss what happened and the aftermath of this fiasco.

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The Verified Fan Program

Ticketmaster’s “Verified Fan” program is designed to give fans a chance to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Fans can register ahead of time, and if they are selected, they receive a unique access code to buy tickets during a presale period. For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Ticketmaster reported that 3.5 million people registered for the program, but only 1.5 million received an access code. This left two million fans on a waiting list, hoping to get a chance to buy tickets.

Technical Issues and Bots

On November 15, Ticketmaster crashed multiple times due to a surge of fans and bots trying to access the site to purchase tickets. Fans waited for hours, battling technical issues and postponed or canceled presale phases. As a result, Ticketmaster canceled the public on-sale for Taylor Swift’s tour due to high demand and insufficient remaining ticket inventory. This led to fans purchasing tickets on resale sites for exorbitant prices, ranging from $400 to over $22,000.

Other Artists’ Tickets for Sale

To make matters worse, fans of Beyonce and John Mayer discovered their concert tickets were also for sale on Ticketmaster. This angered many supporters of the three artists, who are now planning to sue Live Nation Entertainment.


The Senate Hearing

The issue was significant enough that the Senate held a hearing to address the problem. Ticketmaster’s President, Joe Berchtold, was questioned about the platform’s failure to address fan demand during the tour and deal with its bot issue. While the bots were not successful in buying any tickets, the number of bots on the website caused it to crash. Berchtold apologized to Taylor and her fans for the technical issues and promised to improve the platform.

The Monopoly Debate

During the Senate hearing, the monopoly debate was brought up, with many witnesses claiming that Ticketmaster is considered a monopoly in the ticketing market. Berchtold disagreed, claiming that the business had never been more competitive. The Senate discussed potential solutions, such as price caps on tickets and getting control over speculative ticket sales.

The Future of Ticket Sales

Unfortunately, Senator Amy Klobuchar stated that this is just the beginning of improving ticket sales. Fans will have to wait and see if any real changes are made to reform ticket distribution. In conclusion, the fiasco with Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster highlights the importance of ensuring fair access to concert tickets for all fans.


1. What is the “Verified Fan” program offered by Ticketmaster?

The “Verified Fan” program is a service offered by Ticketmaster that allows fans to register in advance for a particular event or tour, which then grants them access to presale tickets.

2. Why did the Ticketmaster site crash multiple times during the Taylor Swift presale?

The Ticketmaster site crashed multiple times during the Taylor Swift presale due to a combination of factors, including high demand for tickets, technical issues, and the presence of bots on the site.

3. How much were Taylor Swift tickets being resold for on other sites?

Taylor Swift tickets were being resold on other sites for prices ranging from $400 to over $22,000.

4. Are other artists’ tickets being resold on Ticketmaster?

Yes, tickets for other artists such as Beyonce and John Mayer are also available for sale on Ticketmaster.

5. Was there a hearing held by the Senate about this issue?

Yes, there was a hearing held by the Senate to address the issue, during which the President of Ticketmaster, Joe Berchtold, was questioned about the platform.

6. What potential solutions were discussed during the Senate hearing?

Potential solutions discussed during the Senate hearing included price caps on tickets and getting control over speculative ticket sales.

7. Will any real changes be made to reform ticket distribution for fans?

It remains to be seen whether any real changes will be made to reform ticket distribution for fans, but Senator Amy Klobuchar has stated that this is only the beginning of improving ticket sales.

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